Type I and Social Security

I have had diabetes for 40 years. While diabetes is a disability, the social security office doesn’t appear to recognize it.

Complications from my diabetes include:

  1. High blood pressure 170 today
  2. Extreme Tinnutus
  3. sleep Apnea
  4. mild hearing and sight loss

Wondering if anyone has any experience with social security and type 1?

You mean like trying to collect SS disability benefits for diabetes?

I know someone (but not with diabetes) got help from Nolo.
Here is info. I believe they may offer initial evaluation at no cost, but to proceed after denials may cost more for their time and prep work.


Are you currently working?
What about your medical conditions makes it difficult to work or find suitable employment? Nolo can help answer this and help determine chance of being approved.
You may find other places similar to Nolo that can help.

Thanks already went to hearing