Type one and Victoza

I went up to 1.8 last Thursday. I only take total 14u daily now and have lost 9.5 lbs in three weeks. I'm nauseated but it's worth it. I have stomache flu so I'm waiting to see if the nausea goes away when I am better...

Hi all
No infections any more - yipee!!! Now wonder if they were anything to do with Victoza at all ...perhaps just unfortunate coincidence! No change in doses and STILL no bloomin weight loss.... no nausea now either tho I have added a Zantac to stave off the heartburn it seems to create.
Any suggestions anyone?

HI Susan...I see you posted this a while ago but I have been seeking another type 1 diabetic who is using Victoza... and was hoping for some advice! My daughter is 16 years old and has type 1 diabetes. She has been on an insulin pump for 11 years. Her Dr. recently put her on Victoza to try and help bring down her A1C (8.5). We are having some issues with the side effects but already I have seen a big drop in her numbers! We want to stay on it but I don't want her feeling bad all the time...especially with school starting. We are giving the shot at night...she is experiencing cramping and nausea...she takes Zofran for the nausea but the cramping in her stomach is a big problem..did you have any of this too? Is night time the best time to give the shot? Anybody's advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Julie
Sorry for the late reply. I take my shot in the morning before breakfast. Have you tried that? I have had some slight cramping in the beginning, but it did subside. It took a few weeks to get rid of the nausea. I also was on Metformin - another type two drug - but long enough to not make me nauseous anymore. If the cramping does not go away, you should call your doctor in case it is pancreatitis, a side effect of the Victoza.

Hi Susan… Thanks for replying. Since I posted that post we have switched the shot to the morning and she is doing sooooo much better!So much so that I think I need to begin to up the dose… All side effects seem to be gone and her blood sugar and appetite seem to be creeping up again. I am going to slowly start to increase one click at a time…I was worried about the cramping but it’s totally gone. She has a Dr apt in November so I will mention it to him…I have read that a lot of people are saying that Victoza stops working as well once they have been on it for a long time… Has this happened to you too?

Hi Julie - I think it is still working for me. But not as good as it was... I may stop taking it for a while and come back to it....