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it took me a week before the headaches and nusea went but I fely great after the first day cutting my insulin down from 160 units to 100 per day no doubt victoza is worth persisting with, I had a tummy ache for a few days but that soon went

Hello Samantha one thing victoza has done for me is to lower my hunger I do not want to stuff myself silly these days and like this morning my blood sugar reading is 5.9 which is great for me long gone are the 18/19 highs I use to get.
It is 6.28am here and I do not feel hungry at all, I take my victoza at 8am every morning have my pils for heart failure prostrate ay 6am and take my insulin 50 units with breakfast usually toast at 8.30am the only other medication is another 50 units of insulin with tea about 6pm…

This is my fourth day on Victoza. For me, the problem is my fasting numbers, so I was told to take it at night. So far, no significant difference, but I’m taking the 0.6. I have no appetite and I feel pretty sick overall. How long does that last?

hi alan the feeling of sickness will soon pass best of luck and best wishes with the victoza

5 months on is the affects or effects no idea which one of victoza wearing off my appetite has returned and my blood sugars are creeping up I know I am not doing enough myself but it is hard being on your own 10 hours a day not taliking to another soul face to face, I guess as a species we need that contact to keep sane

Hi fgiraffe cannot help you with why your health insurance company does not cover victoza right now, it would seem in diabetec terms over here it is the best thing since sliced bread probably another thing you do not get over there, I am fortunate our national health service provided the drug well all my drugs free guess I am lucky although anyone with diabetes might not call having the condition lucky, until you get if on medical insurance best of luck Ramundow

Hi fgiraffe- I would call your drug plan and ask what they do cover. From there, your doc may be able to fax over a prior authorization or something along those lines. My retail pharmacy out of pocket costs were $78/month. By switching to mail order, I now only pay $10/month. Good Luck to you

Hi guys. I have been on the V since May 18th. No major nausea at the 1.2 dose. I also take Metformin and blood pressure, cholesterol medicastions, and aspirin. Appetite is curbed slightly. Blood sugars have dropped well. No A1c yet, seeing the Doc next week. Bummer if the low appetiite wears off after a few monthes. Have lost 7-10 lbs so far.Health insurance coverage Ok with needles. So far so good.

Hi Victoza group- if any of you are on facebook, join the new game developed in conjunction with diabetes hands foundation called Healthseeker. I have no friends on the game yet and could use the support. The game helps people with diabetes take control of the disease by accepting missions for healthy living. Just type Healthseeker into the search box. Hope you are all well!

I am a member of Dr Bernsteins website and he is giving Victoza high marks and the results with his patients. Really curbing appetite. He did have one patient though that didn’t respond to it at the 1.2 dosage. I have to admit sometimes I am hungry too on it but most of the time not. I suppose its how our bodies respond to it. It has really dropped my A1 C though.

Hi victoza users my dosage has been left at 0.6mg per day and as I said my diabetec specialist they all have titles was very plesed with my progress blood sugars down from 8.4 to 7.2 over 5 months and more than half a stone lost in weight, to be honest I did not share the same enthusiasm as my specialist I thought the victozaas wearing off just goes to show you never know how you are really doing until someone tells you.

Ive been considering a switch from Byetta to Victoza. I’ve been on Byetta for two years, it has helped in a few spurts, but not done much for me. I follow a low carb diet (Pauly knows what I mean), so I usually don’t have problems with postprandial numbers. I don’t need to lose weight. I just need to get my fasting numbers down. I am hoping that some of you Victoza veterans will be able to help me make the decision. I am concerned that if Byetta isn’t really helpful, Victoza won’t really be helpful and it is something like 5 times more expensive than Byetta.

Good news at the Doc. Lost 12lbs in a month and hope to repeat that progess several more times. Blood sugars are good and my appetite is curbed most of the time. Researchers are looking at Victoza for a weight loss regime. 1.2mg dose continues. Rubidel

BSC this is what I am finding.

I take my 1.6 dosage around 6.30 am each morning. It gives me a sense of fullness within an hour. I dont always eat right away but my breakfast has literally been cut in half. This feeling of fullness remains with me all day. In fact I sometimes forget to eat. Not good.

I am on 1000 mg a day of Metformin X-R also. My blood sugars are between 82 and 100. If I am naughty and overeat eat a carb the highest I have ever been was 135.

I was not hungry though on Met too. What is weird is that at my dinner time meal I really have to cut back on food intake because I get a whop of fullness. This is the worst period for me. Sometimes I get a little nauseous.

I get no dawn effect anymore on Victoza. My morning numbers are the same as my daytime numbers around 82 fasting.

I did terrible on Byetta. I had too many side effects. Your right about the drug teir too BSC. My co-payment is alot higher right now because its not on the approved list. The pharmacist at the insurance company assured me it would be though by the end of the year.

I am not knowledgeable on the chemical aspects of this medication but to me it does seem to squeeze the pancreas. Right now my A1 -C is running around 5.1 to 5.4. I do the monthly test with the Bayer unit.

I have lost so much weight now I only have two pairs of pants that fit me… I am still struggling with my blood pressure though.

My Dr is very excited about me and is prescribing it to his other patients.

I take my 1.2 dosage at night to help with my fasting numbers. I have been on 2000mg of met for a few years and my postprandials were okay, but fasting remained a problem that continued to get worse. I started Victoza on April 1st and my fastings are now down below 100 (usually) Good Luck bsc

Good morning from a sunny shropshire birds singing cows moooing sheep bleeting and a family of crows kicking up a fuss about something love nature but woke up at 5am my foot and shoulder aching like mad, waiting to take my victoza at 8am doctor said stick to the same time each day blood sugars 8 hoping for a lower reading eating at 10pm not advised

Thanks for posting the picture of the Victoza box on the site. I was just thinking of making the suggestion the other day twiddlethumbs. Sounds like things are in full summer swing in the UK. Take care

Thanks to everyone (especially Pauly) for the info. I am basically at the end game. I am on max metformin, max Byetta, and max Actos. Nobody will prescribe more than three medications and I’ve been repeatedly denied insulin. I’ve only been offerred one option, Victoza. I’ve not heard anything bad (well except for the thyroid tumors in rats and pancreatitis), and certainly nothing worse than the risks associated with Byetta and Actos. So at my next appointment in August I guess I’ll be switching from Byetta to Victoza.

saturday the weekends and I do not get on well with food and routine all the excitment kinda dwindles my strengh, blood sugars good this morning after a hypo last night should not wait 7 hours for food big mistake