Type two food challenges

Dinner today was a prime example of the food challenges faced by PWD with T2. It consisted of Chinese style food, I call it Chinese style because I doubt the Chinese actually eat this stuff in that manner. There was orange chicken, rice with vegetables (mostly rice), noodles and spring rolls. To say the least it was carbs, carbs , carbs and more carbs.

The cook in our household (my beautiful wife) is an excellent cook, I do not ask her to limit the diet of everyone for me, I am the only T2 in our immediate family. When these kind of meals happen I do not insult the cook, I partake and enjoy, then do the best I can to treat the onrushing carbs.

I don’t know why but for some reason I feel a strong correction bolus coming.


I’ve made it clear to other cooks in my family that part of every meal needs to be low carb.
I would also hastily compose a carb-free go along: cabbage, cauliflower-rice, shrimp, etc.

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Even without the rice “Chinese” food is always challenging – to the point of nearly impossible! Just have to watch and correct… and correct again, most likely!

I didn’t do as well as I’d have liked this weekend – mostly, because I concentrated most of my carbs into one meal each day – but… tomorrow is another day :slight_smile:

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I am a drummer and I have a Chinese cymbal. Love Chinese cymbal but, the salt content in Chinese food is enough to not partake as I have very high bp.

I was faced with a Vietnamese rice noodle bowl for lunch on Saturday…it was take out for a bunch of us working at a friend’s garage sale. I tried to mitigate some carb damage by giving another friend who has no problem with carbs 2/3 of my rice noodles and had a strong coffee with some cream as my drink followed by water. I also volunteered to rearrange some merchandise after our lunch for exercise but as someone who isn’t on insulin the choices for dealing with food challenges seem to be abstinence (partial or full) and adding in some exercise!

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A Walk after a carb heavy meal does lower bgs.


Sounds delicious.

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It’s not really chinese, but a common home meal for me is a plate of stir fry consisting of chicken or shrimp, mushrooms, bean sprouts, onions, and sometimes cabbage with a modest amount of flavored sauce. Pretty manageable.

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New to this board, but I was officially diagnosed as pre-diabetic 2.5 years ago. Been on metformin since January 2016, wasn’t working for me anymore. Went back to an endocrinologist and she promptly placed me on Novolog. I’ve also started carb counting.

I messed up tonight. I had a huge craving for ramen tonight. I read the nutrition label of the instant ramen and was pleasantly surprised that it contained 36 g of carb. So I made a bowl, added kale, pork and egg. Gave myself 3 u of Novolog before eating. Finished everything, including the soup. Measured my glucose 1hr after eating and… 197 mg/dL!!!

I reread the nutrition label and I discovered that the serving size was 1/2 bag. Seriously, who eats half a bag of ramen? So I ate 72g of carbs, even though my target was 30-45 g carb. Gah!!!

In hindsight, should have known better. No way that much noodle would be 36 g of carb.

After the 1 hr reading, I stepped out with my husband for a short walk outside (~20 min) and measured the second time at 2 hr post meal. Was down to 130 but still a bit high.

I need to be more careful next time.


So, I’m a bit curious. Do you mean to say that on re-visiting with your endo, you were diagnosed as Type 2 and prescribed mealtime insulin only? No basal insulin? I’ve never heard of this for a pre-diabetic, or even for a “full blown” Type 2.

And yes, packaging has become, sometimes, difficult to interpret, especially as companies have glommed onto the marketing potential of “low carb” foods. They plaster a package with “only 5g of net carbs!” and neglect to mention that’s for a single chip instead of a normal “serving” size :wink:

Okay so today it was dim sum… not a simple vegetable or piece of protein in sight… I quietly removed the rice paper wrapper off my steamed dumplings, enjoyed a piece of shrimp covered eggplant and indulged in approximately 1/2 cup of sticky rice and drank lots of green tea. Enjoyed the time with friends and tested later. Sadly today was a high day for me from the start 9 fasting brought down to 7.5 after my workout. Pre dim sum I was still at 7.5 … 2 hours later I was 12.3. Another meal to add to my “once in a blue moon list”.

I’m still pre-diabetic, but my inability to process carb intake is what got me on meal-time insulin. And also because I’m 10-weeks pregnant and insulin is safe for pregnancy and more effective than metformin. I havent taken metformin since Sunday but my fasting glucose has consistently been in the 80’s and just the post meal blood glucose is out of control, it seems.

Sad to hear dim sum raises blood sugar so much! Carb counting has not been easy but I’ve got to do it.

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One of the local Chinese style restaurants offers three choices for the main part of the meals - rice, noodles, and mixed vegetables that do not include rice. I always choose the third of these.

As for the Chinese eating that way, I suspect that the richer ones might but the poorer ones cannot afford much other than mostly rice or mostly noodles (whichever is produced in their part of China).