UHC now covers Tandem pumps

Good news!!! Many had to go through long appeals.

And surprising news on Medtronic and Tandem getting along.

I’m confused. How are UHG and UHC different.

UHG is UnitedHealth Group.

UHC is UnitedHealthCare

I had UHC as employer plan at one time. Not sure if UHG is related??

Maybe UHG is “parent” of UHC + Optum.

I know that UHG is the parent of Optum.
I think that UHG is the largest insurer in the nation.
I ask because an ex-employee from UHG told me that they are different and not to get them confused. Not sure how they are related. They must be related somehow.

This article suggests an answer: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-UnitedHealth-Group-and-Optum

“UHG is divided into two parts : UHC and OGS. UHC (United Health Care) takes care of the healthcare i.e. insurance business whereas OGS(Optum Global Solutions) caters to all the technical needs of UHC”

So, yeah, when you had your UHC plan, that was out of UHG, which is headquartered here in Minneapolis. Just had to double check. Thanks. So confusing.

I only knew it as UHC, so I was always confused when saw UHG referenced here.
I see medicare UHC mentioned often.

Yea, that guy that I spoke to only worked at UHG for a short time. I dont think he knows what he’s talking about. They are the same company, essentially - just different partitions.

I’m always confused when I see UHC.

And I’m thrown when i see UHG. Sounds too much like UUGGGG ! Or a mixed up HUG.

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You should see what their headquarters buildings look like.

It feels like your walking into the United Nations or NASA - there are are huge, wall sized TV screens showing market reports. The ceilings that are stories high.

Its so intimidating that when me and my buddy walked through the door, he totally panicked and was like, “Lets get outta here. I’m not ready for this!” He turned to leave and I had to stop him and talk him up so he had the confidence to go inside.

It makes the Medtronic buildings look like a dump.

Everybody in town starts careers by working at UHG. Their recruiters are relentless. They pay well, but everybody calls it, “the meat market.” Its considered a form of professional hazing to last the longest at UHG. They pay well, though. The devil always pays well. Since the market took a dive, I’ve been somewhat considering it. But, I feel like I would be working to destroy all of you. Hence, I prob wouldn’t work very hard. I would be resentful. I can’t do it. I would walk through the door on the first day as a disgruntled employee. I hold grudges.

I think that they made this concession to slip out of the war with patients. MT sidestepped it. Finally, UHG is following suit. Both local companies made some minor concessions. Those two companies tend to work in tandem because they are both headquartered here and they talk to one another. As a result, all hatred is focused on the insulin manufactures. You gotta watch video of the Gov complaining about them. Its funny.

This is the soap opera of the century here.