Uncharacteristic change in blood glucose numbers

It's been a few weeks now but I've had a VERY hard time maintaining my BG within "normal" levels. Normal for me is between 70-140 with infrequent excursions above 160. The last few weeks however, my baseline is more 140 with very frequent rises to 300 that don't come down for several hours. My waking BG was between 80-100 for the last several years but now is closer to 140. My normal bolus to carbohydrate ration is 1:8 but -- thinking my pancreas has completely failed -- I changed it to 1:5 but see no improvement. I'm stumped. Perhaps I need a trip to the endo.

A trip to the endo might be a good idea. It sounds like you need more basal insulin given that you are waking up at 140. Are you on MDI or do you pump?


Agreed; if your basal is off, nothing else will work. I would work on slowly upping the basal rates until you start waking up in range and then worry about the I:C. Is there any other factor that may be causing a sudden rise such as illness or medications?