Update! my other web haunts

I know, I know I’ve been neglecting Tudiabetes pretty much lately. But that doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared from the Diabetes OC completely. I’m back, to shamelessly plug my other projects. I will log on occasionally so keep the comments and messages coming in! :slight_smile:

1.) I decided to turn my blogger site into a diabetes blog of sorts. I will still ramble and babble on about all sorts of random things, but diabetes will be part of the picture a fair bit. So while I won’t post about diabetes per se every single day, I do write about it because it is part of my life now. And will be till the day I get to see the cure all of us with all sorts of diabetes need.

Here is the link: Muses & Babbles

2.) I am getting very much sucked into and wrapped up in Diabetes 365 happenings. It is one of the coolest projects I’ve ever taken part in. And it is so challenging to take that photo everyday. Admittedly, some pictures I take really suck, but I don’t care as long. Everyone’s pictures are so gorgeous and it speaks volumes. Go on, you know you want to jump right into the party too.

If you want to take a peek at my Diabetes 365 set, you can have your lookie HERE.

3.) If you want to contact me via email, hit me with a private message and I will give you my personal e-mail address, but if you attempt to send me spam about nonsensical cures for T2 diabetes, I won’t be nice.

I will try to update here more often and visit more often too, especially since semester let out and I’m just waiting for Christmas to come! :slight_smile:

Nice… you’re back… can’t hide missing ya… :slight_smile:

I’ve seen quite a few of your pictures, they are great. I like the “what I carry around in my bag” picture. :slight_smile:

I’m seriously thinking about joining in on the project.

Take Care