Upstate SC Med Advantage NOT Humana and pump user

I want to chat with anyone who can help me consider alternatives to my current Humana Med Advantage plan. Humana ALWAYS screws up my insulin prescrip refill requests and if there’s an alternative from a company that would not make the mistake H ALWAYS makes every 90 days I’d like to know about it. So…

IF you live in SC, especially upstate
IF you have a Medicare Advantage plan (not orig plus medigap) NOT from Humana
IF you use insulin in a pump
IF you get your insulin each time you need a refill seamlessly without administrative hassles

I’d like to hear from you.

Here’s why:

Insulin used by a pump wearer is billed as Medicare Part B, not Part D. But Humana ALWAYS starts every 90-day refill request I send them by starting to bill it in their software as Part D. That order always crashes somewhere in their refill process, and eventually they figure out they have to cancel the order they created when I sent my request and create a new order in their software and process it properly. Eventually they do, and I eventually get my insulin and I’m billed the correct 20% co pay for any item covered under Part B. But its a hassle and we diabetics have enough hassles as it is!

I’d like to know if anyone in SC uses a non-Humana Med Advantage plan (not orig Medicare with or without a medigap and with or without a Plan D) and gets your insulin that you use in a pump by 90-day mail order WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS FROM YOUR INSURER.

Please reply here or by email if you think you can help me with some suggestions for providers who know what they’re doing!