Used to get 10+ days from sensors, now geting less than 7?

I have been using Dexcom 7 Plus for about 1 1/2 years now, and I could easily get 10-14 days out of each sensor by stopping and re-starting it. Suddenly I'm only getting 5-7 days out of my sensors, usually going to the ??? before my full 7 days is even up. I'm not even getting to the point of iffy, eneven graphs, it just gives up. Even when I try to restart it, it never allows me to enter startup BGs, I still keep getting the question marks. This is quite annoying, especially since the Dex is basically useless to me during the first 36 hours of a new sensor. I have effectively been reduced from about 10 really good days of readings, to about 4.

Anyone else having this problem with recent shipments? It's occurring with my current shipment (still on my first box of 3) and it occurred through my last shipment.

Also of note, I got a new receiver and transmitter about a month ago, but this problem occurred with the last few sensors of the old receiver/transmitter and the sensors with the new receiver/transmitter.

I'm having a hard time justifying calling Dex because the sensors are only "supposed" to work for 7 days. Anyone else experiencing shorter sensor life?

I have been having similar problems. I thought it was me. My receiver is 7 months old. I usually get 14 to 20 days but now they hardly go past the 7 days.

Maby the transmitter is to the end, I'm having the same problems, and buy a new transmitter next week.

I thought that might be the problem too because it started with my older transmitter, then I got a new one (and new receiver, and new sensors) about a month ago but still having the same problem.

Has Dex caught on to us extending our sensor life, or maybe I just got 2 bad batches of sensors in a row?

I restarted a sensor last night, and it went immediately to question marks after two hours. I then restarted it again and it came back fine. No idea why. I got a new transmitter and receiver two weeks ago.

Are your sensors out of date? I have some older sensors that don’t seem to do as well as new ones.

I've used dexcom for about 1 1/2 years, and continue to have sensors last 10-14 days. I'm currently setting a new record, on day 18 and still pretty accurate.

But my next sensor change will be from a box that was delivered in August, with heat in the 90's, and the fedex box was quite warm. I was home when it was delivered, and who knows how long it was in the hot truck.

Called Dexcom, and they said it should still be fine, but that if I do have errors, they'd send replacements.

I've seen very similar events as you, almost double the sensor life until the last 6 months or so. This particular transmitter is about 9 months old, but I don't remember having this problem last year. I've never asked DexCom about it- like you, 'technically' I can't complain about anything after 7 days. I would be extremely disappointed if this was an intentional change.

My sensors don't expire til January 2013. While they were delivered in the summer, I went all last summer without any problems. I called Dex and explained that I was only getting about 5-6 days before the ???, well before the "change sensor alarm" (24 hours+) and they are replacing 4 sensors for me. I guess it's possible it could be the heat. We've had the hottest summer here in Ohio since the 1930s. But seriously, I was a brand new user last summer and never had this issue.

Yeah, I've been having the same problems. I used to get 20 to 30 days from a sensor. Now, I get maybe a week. Plus, it seems like they haven't been as accurate lately. I'm hoping I just got a bad shipment, because, occasionally, I'll still get one that lasts a long time and is fairly accurate.

I will say, though, that if you don't get a full 7 days, call up Dexcom. I remember my Dex stopped working once, and, even though I'd had my sensor in for about 6.5 days, they still insisted on sending me a replacement, because I hadn't gotten a full 7 days use.

Are you still use dexcom? How’s donig? I have same problem these days. My son use dexcom and on day 5 to 7 it show a lot of ??? and number is not correct so I chnge sensor.
I loved dexcom but it maks me stressful these days.

I’d give the friendly Dexcom folks a call. They’ve been exceptionally helpful with troubleshooting every single (infrequent and minor) problem my daughter has encountered with her Dexcom system (now using G5).