Using NPH-- High Cost of Insulin!

Hi all, I have 6 vials of NPH insulin that I no longer use. Given the absurd prices of insulin, I wanted to find out if anyone is in need. Vials kept refrigerated and expire in 2020. Local to the Oakland, CA area is best.


I am afraid you are not allowed to offer to sell or donate prescription items on this list.

NPH is over the counter, though. You don’t need a script. I don’t know if that makes it acceptable or not, though.

I know these sorts of good Samaritan bposts aren’t allowed, but I always hope they generate enough interest before they get shut down. Thank you for your generosity, even if it’s not permitted.

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Oops, I’m sorry. Insulin is prescription only where I live, there is no over the counter insulin.

Thanks all. In Calif (where my NPH is available), NPH insulin can be purchased over-the-counter without a prescription. I know that’s redundant. But hope it will help the cause. Please post if you need, and I will check email. Thanks