UTI and Bladder Control

One day, I was talking to my Endo about my Bladder Control and getting UTI quite often. She was telling me to take Cranberry Tablets every day and It will help me not get UTIS… So I went to the Pharmacy and got cranberry tablets… I haven’t got a UTI for a year now…

I hate to talk about this but I think everyone should know about Bladder Control… If you can’t hold it… What do you do about it… My endo said when you have to go pee…first: you pee alittle then you stop… pee alittle then you stop… and so on… Plus she told me that it is good for men too… It works… now I can go on trips without stopping in every town to go to the bathroom… :} :} :}

Wow that’s interesting. I have had 2, both in the last 3 years, One was treated with the wrong antibiotic, which I took for a week. By the time I went back, it had really set in and my temp was 103.5 and I was very close to being hospitalized. I had to come to see the doc every day for the next five days so they could monitor it.
UTI’s are nothing to fool with, as it can progress and damage the kidneys.

I guess old wives’ tells are true. That’s what my mother and grandmother told me to do. At that time though it was crandberry juice. I drank it all the time and so far so good.

Hey Donna,
I drink crandberry cotail to be totally honest. Have you tried that one yet? Sorry can’t spell but I hope you know what I’m talking about.

I have constant UTI’s. I have had many tests done and they have figured out I have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis. Interstitial cystitis (also known as IC, bladder cystitis, or painful bladder syndrome) is a chronic condition that can cause discomfort or pain in the bladder and the surrounding pelvic region. No one knows the exact cause or causes of interstitial cystitis. Researchers are working to understand possible causes and to find effective treatments. Current theories being studied as possible causes include:

  • An autoimmune response
  • Irritating substances in the urine
  • Genetics.

Gee another autoimmune disorder possibly. Basically they say my body produces to much acid and it comes out in my urine so my urine literally burns me when I have to go to the bathroom. I am on a medication called Pyridium 4 times a day and it turns my urine bright orange. The only plus side to this is when my doctor gets a new nurse I get to have some fun and see how close they have read my chart. My favorite nurse lets all the new ones do my labs, and I can hear her and the receptionist laughing before I even go do it. So after I pee in the cup (everyone’s favorite), I just casually sit my cup on the counter and then go sit in the chair for blood draw. Normally the nurse turns around and looks like she is going to faint and says OMG. Then I finally tell her it is a medication causing it and everyone gets a good laugh at it and my doctor just walks around the corner, “you didn’t tell her again” and laughing as he shakes his head. Might as well have some fun. Also shows me how close they read my medication list. LOL

I worked in a pharmacy for a year and alot of the diabetics that came in had UTI’s we already get the short end of the stick why one more thing??? Anyways I take 3 cranberry pills a day and try to drink at least a few glasses of water and so far everything has been alot better. Cranberry pills do work!

Yeast thrives on sugar which is why diabetics are prone to them.

Cranberry capsules are great! I can’t drink canberry juice, or any juice, because of the carbs, but the capsules do the job. High in Vit C, too, which helps the acidify & provides an unfavorable envirorment for bacteria. I have a male cat who is prone to UTIs & bladder stones. He gets cranberry caps mixed in his food & he hasn’t had a problem in years.