Vacation Preparation

I’ve had DM I for about 2 and a half years- I usually use a pump but I am going to Mexico (bathing suit/swimming) next week and would rather have pens. I’ve traveled with DM but I had a refrigerator most of the time and was able to get a lot more extra pens that trip. I have one of those cool packs for pens (you put it in water and it plumps up and stays cool) but I don’t think mine really stays cool.
Any tips for what to bring besides for glucose tabs, strips, lancets, meter, rapid/long-acting insulin?
Tips for keeping insulin cool when by the pool?
Finally- any tips for bolusing for a margarita? :wink:

I usually estimate about 20G of carbs/ 6-8 oz of margarita. If I'm somewhere like a resort, I'll ask for more tequilla and less slushy stuff as a way to cut the carbs back too. If they are really big or taste really sweet, I'd probably go as high as 30-35G of carbs.

Good thinking! thanks- I'm a sucker for those things. Well I used to be prior DM and I would like to have one by the pool

Believe it or not there is diet margarita mix. There is even a diet strawberry mix. and it is not bad. It think with the tequila its about 10 carbs total. I would estimate 30 carbs for regular. I have switched though to drinks that are less sweet, and I limit myself to 2.
Branch out a little you might like other things.

WHat fun to prepare for a vacation!! Those water packs keep cool not cold but they are sufficient for the pens. The pens can be out of the fridge as long as they aren't in a hot car or direct sun for at least a week.
I keep mine in the hotel room which probably isn't too hot. And the one I need in the cool pack next to the pool but in a little shade.

If I were you, I would have something to eat with that margarita. Have fun!

PS How about some GLYCOGEN?

GLUCAGEN (sorry)

You can get Levemir® and Novolog® pins at the local pharmacy last January my brother bought some pins $15 each. your pins are good for a month...I would not take them to the pool and let them get hot, keep them out of the sun. You can get a small ice chest to carry around.."Jose can get you just about anything"...except a sugar free margarita at Senor Frog's.

Maybe you mean "glucagon" the emergency kit for hypoglycemia? Maybe it's not useful unless someone's been given an introduction to it.
Bring your own diet powders since they won't have them but they sure are useful since you need extra fluids in the sun. Give one to the poolside bar attendant to use with bottled water.

I want to share with new users my experiences wearing my pump & bikini.
I have my pump since 15th November 2012 (yes, one day after Diabetes Day.
Since I live in the Southernmost country in the world (Argentina)I had my holidays last February, and I decided going to the beach. My pump educator suggested me not to wear the pump during holidays, in order to avoid sand and water. I decided to do the contrary so I will share my experience.
First, the travel was not a problem since a went to Punta del Este (Uruguay) by ship. There are not restrictions about carrying a pump.
How to wear the pump? Well, i decided to use my bikini so you will prefer to use it under the line of the bikini. I realized of that after the first day of sun bath, so I had a white spot on my stomach after removing the infusion set.
How to lay and have sun bath? Well, I went to the beach with my bikini and some clothing (a dress, or a short, as usual). Once on the beach and first of all, I put my device inside a hand bag with a good zipper, still hanging of my stomach. This was necessary to protect the pump of sand.
Then, each time i wanted to go to the sea, i turned off my pump, put the infusion set inside the hand bag, put the blockage on my body and that´s it!! I was ready to swim and have fun.

Just a word about the Frio-type coolers:

I used a Frio on vacation in California...14 days, several of it driving, with my extra insulin in a Frio pack. At times the car was sitting in the hot sun for hours (outside temperature in the 80's, inside car temperature way hotter) and all the insulin survived quite well. Even the extra bottle that I didn't use on the vacation and didn't open until weeks after I got back, then lasted the full 30 days unrefrigerated.

Conversely, I lost one bottle when I refrigerated it in a hotel...the fridge apparently didn't work like it should, and it froze the insulin.

That was about 10 years ago, and I've used Frio coolers when traveling ever since with no problems. I believe Frio even makes a size that fits a pump, for when you're at the beach and want to detach to go in the water.

One thing I do, though, is oversoak the Frio...that way I don't have to soak every day, and I think it may keep the bottle even cooler. Just don't soak it to the point where you can't fit the bottle into the cooler (as I did the first time...had to order an emergency replacement, lol)


Thanks everyone! I will definitely bring my glucagon and my friopack but will still be careful when it gets too hot. And thanks for the margarita tips! I haven't really a blended drink since my diagnosis but I look forward to having one!