Vegan, Type 1 and my numbers

Just in case anyone’s interested in trying some vegan recipes!

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken is one of my favorite sites for lots of free vegan recipes. Most of the recipes are very easy with easy to use ingredients
A few of my favorites, Baked Tofu Bites to snack on or throw onto salads, Parmegan, a blend of macadamia (or I also really like brazil nuts in it too) cashews and nutritional yeast for over veggie bowls. Vegan Ranch Dressing


This is a great page for lists of substitutions, it sometimes makes it easier when you can still cook something you really enjoyed, you can substitute a vegan item for it. A lot of the time it’s really about the flavors in a meal. Of course there is a lot more out there not on the lists. Beyond Meat Sausages and Patties are delicious for one!

Just had another A1c and still staying at 5.1.

I honestly thought it might have gone up some which would have been okay if it had. I have been getting DP a few days here and a few days there and I was climbing after snorkeling twice a week. This last 3 hour snorkel I didn’t climb, I actually dropped so maybe I am getting used to the long swims. Another adjustment coming.