New a1C number 5.6!

I was dx this year in May at the hospital with BS 820 and a1C @ 15.3. Had new a1C done yesterday and it was 5.6!!! It was a lot of work, watching my carbs (60/meal and 30/snack), and going to gym 6 days/week. Keeping track of my BS quite often with Dex and finger sticks, but it seems to have paid off. Also my Endo and DD got me on the omnipod and Dexcom pretty quickly. Right now it seems I have my Basal dialed in and my I:C pretty dialed also. I hope to keep my a1C in this range.
I am LADA so I believe I’m in my honeymoon phase and that helps also. But I’m still pretty stoked to get my a1C down that much in just under 4 months.
Is this normal for LADA, to be able to do this?

First of all, congrats on doing the work necessary to control your BGs. Good job!

Yes, it is common that BG control is easier during the honeymoon phase of T1D, especially LADA. Your internal or endogenous insulin production is a potent factor in overall control. That, paired with your awesome efforts, can produce excellent results.

Work hard to extend this honeymoon phase. It will make life easier in both the short and long-term. No type of diabetes is easy. I always say that we each have to play the hand we're dealt. You've certainly done that! Prepare yourself for the long haul. There is no end to diabetes but taking it one day at a time is one tactic that works.

Good luck for your continued success.

Thanks for the your input and advice. I plan on taking control of my diabetes, it is up to me to manage it. But it is definitely some work. I hope to extend my honeymoon as long as possible. I went to a TCOYD seminar this last weekend and it was great, plus it was nice to be around a bunch of people like me and who understand what we go thru.

Great work John! Keep it up.

Congratulations, John; way to go! I am LADA but bypassed the honeymoon by spending my first 15 months misdiagnosed as Type 2 and on oral meds. So yes, you might find it gets harder but you already have the tools you need so way to go!

Thanks, sorry you were misdiagnosed, that seems to happen a lot from what I hear. But glad you are on the right track now. I was very fortunate to only have been misdiagnosed for about a month.

Great work, John. Mega congratulations!

Early stage LADA is an odd beast. Because you do still have significant beta cell function left, control is sometimes . . . well, not easy, but easier, relatively speaking. But there is also the other side of the coin: as time goes by and beta cell function becomes more erratic (think of them as sort of sputtering), you can get some unexpected highs (or lows!) that seem to come out of nowhere. Doesn't sound as though you've reached that stage yet, which is great. But be on the lookout for it as time goes by.

Of course it's also possible that your decline will be slow and gradual. There are no guarantees with this insane disease. YDMV ("Your Diabetes May Vary").

As mentioned above, though, the better your control is now, the longer the honeymoon is likely to extend. Great job -- keep it up!

Thanks, I will keep,your points in mind.

Congratulations that is an awesome drop from 15.3 especially so quickly. I found the Dexcom/Omnipod combo helped me dramatically lower my A1C but I was dxed in 1975 so I am long past my honeymoon phase if I ever actually had one. Keep up the good work, it will pay off in how you feel and how you fair.

Nice number!! congratulations :)

Awesome… I know its hard work glad its paying off for you




Great job...John11

An awesome mustache demands an awesome a1c. Cheers!

John, that is totally awesome! You should be very proud.