Veganism is better, as if you didn't already know

I still choose milk and egg protein, and my spouse likes cooking chicken and turkey, but I’ve been continually moving toward eating better. This is just one more study pushing me to eat better, plus concerns about the planet.

"With the cost of insulin remaining a concern for many, our groundbreaking research shows that a low-fat vegan diet that doesn’t restrict carbs may be the prescription for reducing insulin needs, managing blood sugar levels, and improving heart health in people with type 1 diabetes,” says Hana Kahleova, MD, PhD, the lead author of the study and director of clinical research at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.


8 years in on a vegan low-fat diet for me. The biggest plus for me is that my heart, which has two stents because of what I ate before, is looking really good. The arteries in my legs look good too. My carotid arteries and my aortic valve look good especially for a 73 yr old with 65 years of type 1.

I am very pleased to be eating this way for many reasons. We also eat wild Alaskan salmon several times a month . My woe is close to a Mediterranean diet without the oil.

And it is definitely better for the planet and I know that no animals have had to endure factory farming practices so that I can eat. It is barbaric how we treat so many intelligent animals


I follow a low-fat vegan diet too, over 10 years now, 32 year T1D. I prefer to call it a Whole Food, Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle as oreos and chips are vegan, and aren’t included in my daily plan. My A1C is consistently below 6 and typical daily insulin is 17 units. There are great recipe blogs out there that provide whole foods and no oil (I find that is the key for me.) When I eat out, and get oil in everything they serve, my insulin needs double. Good luck in finding what works for you.


That is exactly what I do. We rarely ever eat out because of all the of oil that is used.

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It’s amazing what a meal I cook at home takes very little insulin and same meal out take a crazy amount and even timing doesn’t take care of it. We rarely eat out too.