Vegetarian Diet Great for Type 2 Diabetes

Some benefits of the vegetarian diet are:

  1. Vegetarian diets significantly lowered HbA1c in participants by the same amount as what the FDA requires for medications for diabetes.

  2. Vegetarian diets significantly reduced fasting glucose levels.

  3. The link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease is well established. A meatless diet has benefits in lessening risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

  4. This diet reduced the bad cholesterol LDLs.

  5. Compared to non-vegetarian diets, vegetarian diets reduced BMI and waist circumference.



I still like my meat,so not for me. I do eat veggies,too.Nancy 50

I try to include at least one vegetarian meal per week.

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My dad lost 25 lbs in 3 months doing vegetarian diet. It was extreme, but dramatically lowered his blood pressure. He only ate squash and peppers. Extreme. Vegetarian better for kidney problems.

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Since being diagnosed with type 2 in 1998 I’ve tried just about everything short of throwing the kitchen sink out the window. Currently I’m eating a diet that is a compromise and that my wife also enjoys: 2 days a week vegetarian, 2 days a week fish, 2 days a week chicken and one day a week we’ll fast, just drink liquids, maybe a soup made from stock and some veggies. I really can’t imagine how I could manage my blood sugars if I were to go full time vegetarian, given how much of a vegetarian cuisine is based on carbohydrates. On the other hand, eating a diet free of red meat, like that beef that ranchers pump full of growth hormones, antibiotics and other chemical crap, is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Anyway, combined with an hour walking every day I have managed to keep my HbA1Cs in the high fives low sixes which works for me.