Victoza - anyone using it?

Hey everyone! I’m interested in talking to someone who is currently using Victoza. If you are, please email me at Thanks!

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No I’m not but I know Raymond is. There was someone else asking also but I forget who. Here is Raymond’s page profile if you want to ask him about it.


I’ve been on Victoza for just over a month. I am still pretty much on the subclinical dosage. (I have a very hard time metabolizing drugs in general and am moving very slowly.)

Good things: 7 pounds gone. Ac1 7.9 to 6.9 (and I have some really bad food days when traveling.)

Bad: The naseau isn’t that bad, but I feel “foggy” alot of the time.

I find that even as the subclinical dosage I have much better control than I ever have. I used Levemir for almost a year and averaged 1.7 pounds of weight gain per month, even though I ended up starving myself (how do you gain 3 pounds in a day???)

This drug isn’t for everyone, but if we all “came” to diabetes the same way, there would be one drug.

All the best…

Been on Victoza 1.2dose almost a month. 7-10lbs gone. Dry mouth kind of nausea not major. Also on metformin. Drinking lots of tea and water. Dizzy spells if I drink over an oz of whiskey or tequila. Daily blood sugar counts have decreased dramatically.

I have been on Victoza a couple of weeks.

Makes me feel full all the time.

there’s a new Group here for Victoza


I am currently on it, actually just started about 2 weeks ago and at 1.2 for a dosage so far. Do you have questions about it?

As a type 1, your interest in Victoza seems a little odd. As a GLP-1 analog, it’s primary effect is to increase the insulin release, hardly something of much use to a type 1. One of the side effects is feeling full and less appetitite, which many believe has led to weight loss in patients. But the use of both Victoza and Byetta for “weight loss” is “off label,” and both medications caution that thier use with insulin has not been studied. I am aware of both Byetta and Victoza being used for weight loss anyway.

Just a little curious.

Victoza and byetta both also reduce glucagon release. Recommend you google Dandona’s study at UBuffalo. While ltd, it is encouraging for its use in Type 1. As I just started on Victoza, curious of any type 1’s formerly using Symlin who are now using Victoza.

I just started taking Victoza about 3 weeks ago and am taking 1,8 mg. Endo put me on Victoza after it appeared that Symlin stopped working. Byetta worked well for my blood sugars EXCEPT I believe I among the small percentage of patients who had hair loss as a side effect.

Your post was from a while ago - but I just started Victoza as a type one and on the lowest dose it works much better than Symlin. Taking one shot a day is a big plus!