Victoza Newbies, anyone?

My blood pressure and heart rate are up. Normally HR is 70-80, but now is in the 110s. I take a beta blocker for it, so I think that the decreased gastric emptying is affecting drug absorption. Not only the beta blocker, but potentially other drugs as well. I will call the Victoza hotline tomorrow and see what they say. Blood sugars are still high. *sigh*

Im a super newbie I took my first dose tonight we will see how it goes :)keeping my hopes up

Found that if I bolus “square wave” I don’t have an immediate drop in BS. That took a little bit of adjusting in the beginning…what does that mean?

good question…I am not sure. I have been on it since nov 2015 and lost 20 lbs… but recently since I have not had anymore weight loss, they have ‘tried’ to take me off it…(I think it is really due to the cost.) I protested because it has done wonders for my A1c! Now they are letting me stay on it and I am trying to lose more ( I am only 12-15 pounds from a perfect BMI)
So now I am watching everything I eat ( 1200 cal) and I have lost about 5 more. In 6 weeks I will report in to the preventative med dept.
So the first 20 were easy the last 10 will take some work…BTW I DO exercise everyday.