Jump Ahead...MAY 10

Victoza is still working. I ended up with two pens, when one was what I was expecting but my husband picked it up from the pharmacy and didn’t know any different. So I decided to up my dosage to 1.2 for this month to see if it helped any with weight loss or made any difference in blood levels.

Blood levels are about the same, which is to say they are great, as they were with the .06 dose. So far it’s just been a week since I’ve been doing 1.2 so of course I"m not going to see a weight loss difference yet. I don’t see much a difference in my appetite though. It was really good for the first three or so weeks, but in the last couple of weeks it’s seem to have come back and I’m hungry all the time just as I was before Victoza.

The difference is that I’m not as worried about what I can eat, since the Victoza does keep the blood glucose levels down around normal, as if I didn’t have diabetes at all. I even had a reading of 84 the other day, two hours after eating, and that would have been unheard of BV (before Victoza). Morning BG levels are around 105 - 110, also unheard of BV. It has been a bit higher 125 - 135 when I’ve eaten a larger meal just before bed, but I try not to do that very often, since I know it’s really bad for the weight. But even those numbers are much better then the 150 - 170 I used to have in the mornings BV, even if I ate nothing before bed.

So far Victoza is nothing short of a Miracle for me, and I’m praying with all my heart that there’s not going to be the devil to pay in the future as more is learned about the long term use of Victoza. In the meantime though, I’m loving it!