Virtual endo

There's been a lot of talk about virtual medicine, via videoconferencing and other tech. I feel like I could actually get better treatment if I were uploading CGM data over the web to a doc's office. Anybody ever have experience with this or know a doc that works with diabetic patients remotely? I live in a very rural area and the nearest endocrinologist is 70 miles away -- it's also pretty hard to get accepted as a new patient. Curious if this is a thing yet, remote medicine for diabetics--but I haven't been able to find any information. Just seems like A1C and other lab tests, BG records and food logs could all be uploaded and discussed with a doc and CDE, and then use a GP for bloodwork and examinations.

Believe it or not after your first visit Bernstein works remotely with his patients. He has you do you labs and send in your logs and then talks to you on the phone.

Thanks Brian, you're a patient of his?

This makes a lot of sense. I could see traveling to just about anywhere once to get a really top-notch doc and then stay in touch remotely.

I'm not a patient, but I know a number of people that have seen him. Bernstein is controversial, you should review his book "Diabetes Solution" and understand he advocates a low carb diet and striving to achieve a normal blood sugar with and A1c < 5%. I have one friend here in the DC area who has seen him.

ps. Are you really in Alexandria? I don't consider that rural.

Not Alexandria, the Northern Neck of Virginia. I had a great endo in Fairfax but the front office support --and the insulin pump advice--was not great. I feel like there might be an opportunity to improve my care, which is not bad, with a tech-savvy practice.

It'd be great to find a good doc I could meet with initially and stay in touch with the office by internet. Not sure if that's out there, but seemed worth asking around. Thanks!

They phone and Skype as well.

That is so interesting. Very cool! Do you know if they can deal with scripts for insulin and testing? I guess I could just stick with my GP for that, if not.

Don't know if that works across state lines but if you check out the list of services, they provide written management plans. You can take that to you GP and go from there. Or give them a call.

Super cool, thank you! I had no idea something like this was available. Seems like there's gotta be a better way that how I'm doing it now.

And did the name ring a bell? As in Think Like a Pancreas!

Integrated Diabetes is truly outstanding and they do a lot remote work, but I believe they only do diabetes education and training, they don't have any doctors or physicians on staff and can't prescribe.