Vitamin D and Lows?

My endo suggested that I start taking 1000 mg of Vitamin D every day because there’s some evidence it can help prevent melanoma recurrence.

I’m suddenly having dramatic lows around 3-4 PM of a sort I have never before experienced–I’ll test in the 60s or low 70s, take 25 grams of carb, and end up in the 80s an hour later.

So I’m wondering if perhaps the vitamin might be having some effect on my insulin resistance and/or secretion.

Anyone ever heard of anything like that happening?

These links lead to article stating that decreased levels of Vitamin D lead to increased insulin resistance.
Though none of the article I’ve read say so, the implication is that increased levels of Vitamin D will decrease insulin resistance - possibly leading to low bgs.



I’d seen those links. That strange thing is that I already have a normal insulin sensitivity. So something about the Vitamin D is giving me hyper sensitivity.

Usually they explain insulin resistance as happening because insulin receptors get clogged or some thing else causes them to stop taking up insulin. But since mine already appear to work (insulin/carb ratio in the afternoon of 1/15 - 1/20) restoring normal insulin sensitivity wouldn’t explain it.

Unless normal insulin sensitivity is a lot more sensitive than most people have.

I’m just making a wild-■■■ guess here, Jenny, but maybe Vitamin D is making you MORE sensitive (hyper-sensitive?) to insulin.

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on T.V. . . . .

That’s all I can figure.

As an experiment, today I did not use any insulin at lunch at all and only ate cheese and some sausage. I did not see any low at 4 PM.

When I used only 1 unit at lunch a few days ago, I saw a plummet. Ditto with 2 units.

So if nothing else, it would seem that the Vitamin D is not causing any increase in insulin secretion, just a change in teh response to a dose of insulin.