Vitamin D deficiency again associated with increased type 2 diabetes risk

My kid was tested for Vitamin D deficiency some years ago, we met a researcher that was working on the relation of low Vitamin D levels and Type 1. I guess more information is resurfacing. Anyone has been tested for Vit D deficiency?

My wife is the type 1 and was taking naps daily and I found that Magnesium is good for energy

After two weeks the naps got cut back by 90 percent

It took a week or so see the change but it was dramatic

I asked to be tested (at cost) for Vitamin D about two years ago. My level was 48 (19 in US measurements) so my doctor said I should take 2,000 IU of Vitamin D a day. I’ve been taking 2,000 IU daily since then. I recently asked to be re-tested (at cost) because I wanted to see if the supplements were working. My level was 92 (36 in US measurements), which is within the normal range. I’ve heard that higher levels within the normal range may be better.

I was deficient a couple years ago. My level was 16, and I was experiencing some symptoms. I also had insufficient B12 levels though, so it’s difficult to say if the symptoms resolved because of correcting my B12 levels, D levels, or both.

The longitudinal study below is pretty convincing. If I decided to have children, I would definitely use Vitamin D supplements.

If I’m totally honest, they associate low vit D with every possible condition. So many people are D definicent. Its an easy correlation to draw, I think. Easy pickings for researchers to draw positive correlations via a study.

The study I linked had a very large sample and was a longitudinal study though. Vitamin D may be correlated with other conditions, but I think the relationship with T1 should definitely be investigated further.

I haven’l seen many other studies that show changing a behavior (taking supplements) at a young age can impact your risk of developing T1 diabetes. I think that is worth a deep dive.