Hi Friends.

We could use your help.

StripSafely is at it again and are asking for your help and support (and participation, too!) to help push cosponsorship and awareness of the diabetes-centric bills in Congress.

We are reaching out to you because:
1) you have the ear of the community,
2) you understand that the more ears we reach, the more effective the voice of the community becomes and we create a larger group of diabetes advocates
3) while we as a community may not agree on everything, we can all agree that we need these bills and
4) tuDiabetes readers are good looking

#Vote4DM is a targeted awareness campaign that lets Congress know that there are three bills related to diabetes on the Hill and they need to cosponsor them and act on them. (and we are watching them)

Congress will be looking for things to grasp onto in the next few weeks that are easy to do and look good if they're up for re-election. Now is the time to hit them... in the voting booth.

The three bills are ones you've (hopefully) heard before: Coordinate, Education, and Medicare CGM. This isn't a short sprint campaign, but rather a long slog that we know will take time and effort... and voices. Lots of voices. That's where you come in.

Here are the details of the campaign:

1st Wave -
#Vote4DM will kick off with a Tweet-In on Wednesday, October 22nd at 8pm EST (right before DSMA).
We will repeat this effort on October 29th at 8pm EST (again, right before DSMA). Two weeks.

Two Tweet-Ins. Leading up to Election Day.

Please help us promote this to the diabetes community and encourage them to participate.

2nd Wave -
After the election, promote each bill individually.

Here's the page where you get all the information and direct people to this URL:

We need any help you can give us to get the word out. Particularly CGM / CMS folks.

Feedback Very Welcome!


Christel & Bennet