Waiting an hour after bolus to eat

So I have been low carb for well over a year but since being in my first trimester of pregnancy and being yelled at about ketones by my endo I have had to incorporate more carbs and all I feel like eating in the AM is toast so I have been bolusing and then waiting 1 hour before eating my 20g of carbs toast…only on the CGM for one day now but it didn’t even show that I was dropping yet one hour after taking my humalog. Anyone else ever wait this long to avoid a spike?

Hi -

I never wait more than 10-15 minutes unless I’m really high before a meal and want to come closer to range. I know that if I waited an hour before most meals, I would have to be peeled off the floor.

The CGM tends to report with a delay so I wouldn’t assume that you weren’t dropping even though the CGM reading wasn’t falling. If you’re going to pre-bolus by an hour, I would use finger sticks to confirm that you’re safe.


Maybe not helpful to you but one of my coping strategies when dealing with highs, is to to take my insulin and then wait for a few hours to eat. I cannot say how this would work with pregnancy because I have never been pregnant - nor will I ever be, but it is one way to deal with it, along with multiple smaller injections in different sites to enable quicker absorption.

I wish you well. And btw no endo has any right to yell at you when things do not go right! You have a pregnancy and therefore more hormones than anyone would normally have, and I cannot begin to understand them, but one hormone you do not need is cortisole caused by stress!

Well, do you know how long your Humalog takes to work? I did a controlled experiment with my Novolog and found out that most days (and certainly in the morning), it takes up to two hours for Novolog to have any impact on me. One unit drops me by about 18mg/dl. So I can have a FBG of 85, take 4 units of Novolog, and be just fine for the next two hours.

I don’t have a CGMS, I verified this by testing every 15 minutes.

I’d say you shouldn’t be worried about timings because so much of this is individual. Just keep testing to find out what works for you, which won’t necessarily be the same as what works for other people.