Walden Farms - CHO free treats


Has anyone tried anything from this range? No carbs/calories/fat - sounds too good to be true! Shipping to the UK doubles the price but i’m curious to try the caramel dip…

Oh I don’t know - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Before throwing away your cash, look up some customer reviews. Real ones, not the ones on the company website. For example, this one on the caramel dip, which is judged as being ‘basically water that has been thickened, colored, and flavored with gels, thickeners, and various chemicals designed to smell and taste like real food’.
In fact googling ‘walden farms review’ gets you lots of unbiased customer reviews, ranging from ‘wonderful’ to ‘inedible’, so I’d recommend doing that before you put in an order. BTW, you don’t have to pay the expensive shipping. The UK-based www.lowcarbmegastore.com carries Walden Farm products, and the caramel sauce is £3.25+UK shipping (£5.49 for a parcel of up to 30 kg).

You can easily make lower-carb caramelized almonds at home by slowly heating up a little sugar and Splenda, then adding real butter, and then finally almonds. The sugar is there not for the sweet taste but only because I find it helps the caramelization.

thanks - that review was enough to put me off lol!