Wanting a CGM Bad!

So I have been kinda looking into CGM's lately..Unfortuantely IL medicaid doesn't cover it so if I want any I'm gonna have to pay cash. :( *sigh* So I found out for dexcom their Gen 4 CGM (which looked really sweet btw!) is 1198 for the receiver/transmitter and the sensors are 349 a box of 4 (which would last a month) or they have a customer loyalty program where if you agree to order at least 6 boxes of sensors over the course of a year they will discount it to each box $299

Not sure about minimed yet...haven't gotten any price quotes but if anyone has any info that would be great.

I just wish I could have a cgm I just feel like I'd have much better control...although I know I really can't afford this...and I know I keep talking about it over and over again..it's just so sad...I think we wouldn't have so many problems if people who are committed to taking care of their disease would be able to have cgm's at a much lower price...even though I know this is'nt possible... :( Just feeling really depressed and upset about the whole darn thing.

The standard line that you will hear is that Medicaid does not pay for one but if you have any kind of problems, you can win an appeal and get it covered. I was told the same thing with Medicare and won my appeal. I have a friend that won her appeal with Medicaid. I have a FB friend that won an appeal for her husband to get one thru Medicaid. I have also read about other people getting them thru Medicaid.

If you are willing to fight for it, you can probably win your appeal. I say probably because if you are not having problems, then you might not be able to get one. If you have any kind of problems, then you will be able to win an appeal.

Here is the link to a blog that I did about fighting Medicare to get one:


I agree that a CGM is worth fighting for. I think the price is OK but that insurance, including Medicaid, should cover them.

You may also want to check with americandiabeteswholesale.com , sometimes they sell CGMS at lower prices.

@Jaybyrd I looked at that website you gave me..how can they sell them for so cheap? I thought you had to get it thu the actual company??

I just got a CGM and it has been more of a headache then its worth. The actual blood level is so far off that it is impossible to treat a high and a low. I was given the meter free and not sure why? Call the company and find out if they will work with you. Seems like your doing a pretty good job without the CGM. Really its another contraption that beeps and buzzes and needs constant management. However that is my opinion.