Washing Hands before measuring blood glucose

Who washes their hands with soap
Who washes their hands with just plain old water
Who NEVER washes their hands before measuring blood glucose

Who also washes the tap faucet every now and then
(to make sure it’s clean too, so you’re not carrying over any glucose, or even germs?)

If I am where I can wash my hands with soap and water I will do that. If there is no soap and water I will use alcohol swabs to wash my hands with. I hate to say it but, yes I will wash the tap faucet (I have a thing about germs).

I always wash my hands before i test, i never know what sweets are left on my hand lol

I always was my hands before testing, although technically I just wash my Finger Under Test (FUT). I also found that soaps are highly variable and many of them contain glycerin which if not totally removed, can distort a reading. So I don’t trust soap in general, I just scrub the FUT clean. At home, I always keep a glycerin free dish soap in the kitchen and use that. My mother in law once bought dish soap with lotion in it as a “present.” After she left, it suddenly was lost.

I never use alcohol (for washing the FUT), but I use a specific ritual cleaning my finger. If you don’t let you finger completely dry after alchohol, it will cause a false low reading. Some years ago I found that a disturbingly high percentage of tests were contaminated because I had not cleaned my finger leading to my strange passion for FUT cleaning.

I always wash my hands with soap and water before testing.

I do not wash them for the purpose of testing - but I wash my hands frequently. The moisture after washing is more concerning than residue in my opinion. I think the most important thing is to exchange the lancet often (germs on a bloody reused lancet - what a nice combination). This will also guarantee that the lancet is always sharp and this will reduce the callus reaction. We should really recognize that our skin is mostly covered with bacteria that is living in symbiosis us. They will protect us from harmfull bacteria in the first place by occupying every possible place. If you treat your skin with alcohol then you will always have a race between positive and harmful germs. In my opinion this makes it more likely that the negative side will win one day. So I would recommend to wash the hands only.

I use alcohol swabs and drop my hand down and shake until dry helps get blood in the fingers. I can get out of the shower, dress and go to the kitchen to make breakfast and will use a swab before I test. I do MDI and I swab before each shot.

I wash very, very rarely and never use alcohol. Does licking your finger count cuz I’ll do that occasionally!? :slight_smile:

If available I swab my fingers with alcohol from an alcohol wipe, but if not I roll “commando” (no wash/wipe)

Almost always wash hands before testing and never use antibacterial soap unless we’re out and that’s all that’s offered. Per Holger’s post, I don’t think all germs are bad, and I don’t intend to bomb them to kingdom come every time I wash.

I really hope so. =)

i always wash my hands if accessible or i keep some extra alcohol swabs in my kit if needed. I am not worried about germs, i just don’t want to corrupt my test.

“I roll commando”, lol. Ive never heard that expression in that that context, but i like it.

Oh heck, its been one of those mornings lol!!!