Watch Cereal Killers The Movie for Free thru 11/27

The movie Cereal Killers was released at the end of 2013. The movie is described as: World famous sports scientist Professor Tim Noakes MD guides one man through a 28 day, whole foods, high fat, sugar and wheat free diet, in a bid to prevent the heart disease and diabetes prevalent in his family - with remarkable results. The 60 minute documentary movie is available for free through 11/27 and can be viewed below:

CEREAL KILLERS - 7 day free view (Nov 21-27) from Prime Movement on Vimeo.

thanks for this brian! maybe ill be able to watch it after work tonite

i just finished watching this. amazing! thank you so much, very informative.

A programme, Catalyst, on Australian tv showed something like this or some part of this recently. Caused not a ripple in my circles.

Thanks for mentioning this Pastel. I've been considering whether to post the ABC Catalyst show. I'm surprised you say it didn't cause any ripples, the spring show on cholesterol caused a huge controversy.