We Know About Health Care Reform, But Nutritional Reform?

We’ve read a lot, recently, about health care reform… and all the different new things this new HCR bill is going to be implementing… But one, not so common, thing is that this bill is now going to make it MANDATORY for all restaurants to post ALL their caloric information, for every item on their menus, including the billboards on fast food restaurants. So yeah, right there, next to the attractive “Whopper Super Combo” and picture/price, is going to be it’s caloric count… Good luck not feeling guilty about eating it, then! (I think that’s what they’re banking on… lol)

Stepping completely away from the rest of the healthcare debate, what do you guys think about this new change, and what other nutritional changes would you like to see implemented?

One thing I learned not long ago, is that today’s current food serving sizes are standard, by law, and based on serving sizes people would eat in the 1950’s. That was all good and fine, then, but manufacturers have packed so much sugar/lard/calories into these small portions, that it makes it impossible for people to eat servings relevant to the size of portions the average person eats these days (i.e., most people these days eat a bowl of cereal, not 1/2 cup. I think we all can relate to that. lol) The FDA was considering making laws to update portion sizes, and thus force companies to make healthier products that will give the consumer more food, for less calories. Right now they are just ‘thinking about it,’ so I dunno that they’d ever do it… But that’s one change I wouldn’t mind seeing…

Also, stricter guidelines for Nutritional Labels by not letting companies and restaurants be off by 20%, ‘loosely,’ or more, on the information they are reporting.

End corn subsidies.
Ban soft drinks from public schools.

Read Michael Pollan’s books…http://www.michaelpollan.com/

Well, I love his books, and I’m by no means, a lover of fast food, or over processed food… but let’s face it… Most people love that stuff. lol I kind of appreciate a little effort to ‘clean it up’ for those who can’t exactly afford healthier foods, or don’t know any better…