Weak Hands

I've noticed recently my hands feel kind of weak. Its hard to explain I mean I can use them but whereas before I would never even notice them someontimes I feel like the blood isn't going into my fingers. I've had point tests and my feeling is totally fine its like the muscles themselves. Has anyone else had this and any tips on getting better ?

Similar for me ?? I had a blood test recently done to check my Vit B 12 level ...and it is low . I have started with a daily Vit 12 1000 mcg tablet ; blood test will be repeated in one month ...for me low level could be age related , as I am 72 ?

Hi Nel, hmmm I wonder. Im 28 so not sure if its age related. Maybe Il start doing daily finger exercises strange sensation Hope the tablets help you !

Char , you may want to google reasons for low Vit B 12 ??...it's not only age related ...and your concern may not be same as mine (simple blood test will show, if it's the case) ..daily exercising fingers will help the both of us , no doubt:)

Do you exercise your hands? Every use grippers or a hand squeeze ball? Doing heavy rows or deadlifts also build strength.

Perihperal neuropathy in your hands usually shows up first as a loss of feeling, which you don't seem to have. Vitamin B-12 deficiency and diabetic neuropathy basically manifest as the same thing. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) also can result in numbness and eventually loss of strength and atrophy. But again, usually, you go numb, then you lose strength.

If you are really concerned, you can get a nerve conduction test done by a neurologist. That will reveal any nerve damage, whether from diabetic neuropathy or vit B-12 deficiency. And if your blood sugars have been elevated for a decade, I would not rule out diabetic neuropathy even though you are young.

In either case, supplementing vit b-12 can't do any harm (and neither can hand exercises).

ps. I have my own hand neuropathy issues, probably cause by CTS. I have permanent numbness, but exercising has kept up my strength.