Weekend temptation and me

During the week I try to stick to a strict routine when it comes to my medication and meals the meals for the day are organised by my angel-wife and if I stick to it I get proper food and no junk food or sugary foods, OK even in the week the devil gets his way and I might sneak in a chocolate then regret it knowing it does not take much to push my blood glucose levels up but come the weekend the devil runs riot if I let myself go.

Lots of visitors our kids there children all making it a great weekend but seeing all that food being served out and the grand children with so much energy having fun sometimes I forget I am diabetes with heart problems and come Monday morning the results of the weekend are there to be clearly seen.

There is a saying you cannot teach an old dog new tricks same with me, I resist change like someone trying to stop the Sun rising in the morning, 14 years of diabetes to my knowledge should have taught me one thing if you let diabetes get on top of you, your chances of leading a somewhat normal life decrease each day having cream cakes or most kind of goodies alcohol smoking no exercise really is not the key to beating this disease or what ever you want to call it, me I call mine Archibald good old fashioned name not easy to forget once it is stuck in your head.

Diet pills insulin and now victoza I could say I have been there seen that and done it all in 14 years, not forgetting depression and prostrate, am I too late can I really affect the course of my life and the damage these things are doing to my body not to say my state of mind.

Saturday is here the wife and daughter have been shopping I Have had a bit of cheese and a tomato with a bag of crisps for breakfast the wife left toast for me but I did not get hungry until 11am see my daily routine gone already, it is a state of mind and my mind is in a real state I know what is good for me but the pitch fork in my back steers me away from the good food path onto the mine ladden path full of sugar and calories.

I have to remember loosing two stone seven pounds in 7 months is just the start I hope I will be able to look back when I get down to 13 stone and see a different me more healthy more energy and diabetes really under control some goal just hope I have enough time left to do it.