Weight Gainn worries me

I was insulin dependent for about 4 years and was up to 75 units of lantus a day. I was also very heavy and did not exersize at all. 4 years ago I lost over 100 Lbs and have kept it all off with proper diet and exersize. About a month agao i felt sluggish and went to the doctor. My Blood sugars where out of sight. He explained it was not my fault. He put me on lantus and I am getting pretty steady with 20 units in the AM and 20 units in the PM. I feel much better. Now I have put on a few pounds which I believe is from water. As I continue to research about my issue I found this group. After reading many posts I am scared about weight gain. When i lost all my weight before I went off insulin and Metformin was doing the trick. I still eat clean and work out 6 days a week. I would enjoy some comments and words of wisdom.



I know that you may feel disappointed and feel like you have failed. But you haven't. Unfortunately, we don't get diabetes because we are overweight, we are just unlucky. And you shouldn't think you have failed, instead you should beam with pride. You lost 100 lbs and you were able to go off insulin for years. You should be proud. Insulin doesn't have to mean weight gain. I started a little over 2 years ago. I'm now on Levemir and Humalog. I am within 5 lbs of the weight when I started. If you still eat properly, exercise and keep your blood sugar controlled, there is no reason to think insulin causes undue weight gain.

Brian is right insulin does not necessarly mean weight gain. I managed to lose weight while on insulin just like you did. Unfortunately I was never able to stop insulin but I have been able to maintain my weight more or less. I have been gaining and losing to same 5 pound for some time now.

Insulin will do it's part in converting excess carbs to fat but if you eat right that should not be a problem. I'll have to say I'm pretty impressed by someone that loses over 100 pounds and that's the reason I think you will be Ok.