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As a type 2 I am looking for weight loss support. Do we have a group on this site? Anyone else interested in this topic? I eat mod. Carb, and exercise. I did 8,000 steps and an hour aerobics class in the pool today. I do not like the idea of keto. Just don’t like eating a lot of meat. Thank you for any ideas. No major changes until after the new year. Nancy50


Nancy50, You might want to take a look at the Mastering Diabetes website. It is for type 1 and type 2 diabetics who want to bring down their insulin resistance by eating a low fat plant based diet.

Weight loss is almost guaranteed and many people with Type 2 can discontinue their meds while eating this way.

The site is run by two very bright young men who both have type 1 diabetes. I have been eating this way going on 4 yrs after eating very low carb for 11 yrs.

Good luck to you!

Type 1 dx 1959

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Thank. You,I will check it out. Nancy50

Hi Nancy, try as I might, I’d like to forget about weight loss but it’s my life’s badge I guess. Never ending battle. I’ve tried many things including gastric sleeve, with 70# loss, but still need to lose about 50 more. I’m 61 and have T2 for at least 30 years. I have arthritis with joint replacement and recent diagnosis of autonomic neuropathy. I get as much exercise as I can with my failed foot fusion and swimming, but really try to concentrate on what I am eating. I too like to stay on the lower carb end and tried keto for 4 months with zero pounds loss. Once I added carbs back in, the scale started to budge.
I’d be interested in support here with you and others too. I find that getting rid of the “diet” word helps me stay on course a bit better. Mentally that word says deprivation and makes me feel like I need more food for some reason. Anyways, always looking to learn in the food front what works for others. Count me in!


Thanks- going to check this out as well!!

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Linda, I Hear you. My goal is 25 pounds. I have struggled with this weight for almost 40 years, ever since having children . It was prediabetes. So I hope someone here might have a suggestion of a new topic. Thank you. Nancy50

Yes! I refer to it as my baby-weight. I’m looking for free and common sense eating ideas. If I had a nickel for every diet book or on-line gimmick I have tried I would be rich!

Mastering Diabetes has free YouTube videos and a free messaging board. I paid for the personal course. It was costly but worth it. Don’t let their pitches to sell tea, and their courses bother you too much. They really believe that their tea works.

I was already fairly small when starting a low fat plant based way of eating but lost 10 lbs almost immediately taking me down to my perfect weight. As long as I follow the rules, I don’t gain weight and I can eat about 275+ carbs a day. These are plant carbs and are all healthy. I take 22-28 total units of insulin. When low carbing 30 carbs a day I took about 19-22 total units of insulin a day. I am rarely hungry, because I eat plenty of food including all kinds of fruit and vegetables, including potatoes. I eat all kinds of legumes, and occasionally quinoa and rice. As my insulin resistance dropped I was able to eat more than fruit and vegetables. I really limit the amount of processed foods I eat.

Cyrus, one of the founders of Mastering Diabetes is extremely well educated and devotes his life to understanding diabetes. He believes that insulin resistance is the biggest problem for folks with diabetes.

He became a type 1 while an undergrad. At the same time he was dx with Hashimoto Disease and he also lost all of his hair. Now he is extremely fit and in doing very well.

After 11 yrs of low carbing, I started gaining weight and I was also looking for a way of eating that is supposedly heart healthy. Low carbing also caused my blood pressure to suddenly drop which caused me to pass out and hit my head several times.
Now I can pop out of bed in the morning with no worries about passing out due to low blood pressure.

All my life, I’ve had a very hard time (if not impossible) losing weight. When I was younger, I thought it was because I was already thin. Since I started taking metformin, I noticed that if I cut back enough, I can lose the weight. I think I’ve had insulin resistance for ages, maybe my whole life and metformin helps that.

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I am in my 50’s. I have been on a LC (lowish) HF, limited processed foods diet about five years. Weight has been creeping back up despite the fact that I am very active for my age (teach a few fitness classes, walk, run and cycle). In June, I started intermittent fasting. I fast 12 to 16 hours. What this really means is that I stopped grazing throughout the day and skipping an after dinner snack. The way I used to eat as a kid. Hubby thought it was a radical diet, until his cardiologist suggested it.

Basically, you just eat a bit less. I usually exercise while fasting (not long bike rides though) which (in theory) is supposed to cause my body to use fat as an energy source. It is supposed to help control blood sugars too (I am insulin resistant and not a TD1).

I like the diet. The biggest challenge was learning to drink black coffee in the mornings while I was still fasting. I think it has allowed me to consume a few more carbs without impacting my blood sugar and has kept my weight steady. I did have some weight loss nothing dramatic because I am small.


Hi Marilyn,
I have watched their videos and tried to transition to the diet but just could not do it. It really appears to work well for some people but I like my variety of foods.

I feel like I eat quite a variety of foods, but it does take awhile to get used to the changes this way of eating calls for. It is very difficult to eat out and not be presented with fat.

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I cannot eat high fat, interacts with metformin. I eat low fat. Nancy50

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I’ve had a lot of success with WW. 40lbs. It may not work for everyone, but it is the healthiest way to eat. I just modify the unlimited fruits and vegetables to work with my T1

Nancy,you may want to lol at fb group diabetes transformation, a group that focuses on subjects mostly related to navigating through type 2 issues

Eat better fats, Avocado, Almonds, Salmon, cheese, extra virgin Olive Oil, Sardines, Keto or vegan Pizza etc… I also eat very little meat but hardly exercise at all during the winter. Exercise puts me in a vicious cycle of getting hungry, eating more, taking more insulin to keep BG’s stable. My body quickly adapts to greater exercise requiring to slowly but consistently increase exercise intensity which just exacerbates the vicious cycle. My diabetic control is 95%+ food-related and less than 5% exercise which keeps both my weight and blood glucose where I want it.

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I will do some experimenting with food. I already eat nuts, cheese,olive oil, and some butter. My last A1C was 6.2 last Friday. Thank you! Nancy50

I’m eat lots of veggies. Raw and cooked and a way I find them. They fill me up and I don’t crave carbs. Although I will eat moderate carbs. 100/120 a day.

Roasted veggies are so awesome and taste sweet. Although you absorb more carb when they are cooked like that.
Still it’s better than potatoes or rice or pasta.

I was never overweight but my weight did creep up a bit in my 40s. Just small cuts to carbs made a difference for me.
If you do an extreme diet you just can’t keep it up for ever.

A good healthy balanced diet with Whole Foods instead of processed will really help you , I hope anyway.

I am 68, type 2 ,28 years. I seldom eat pasta , rice. I eat 150 carbs a day. Exercise is very important. I work hard to take care of myself. Nancy50

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