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Yup. Beautiful and clever. The new site is very different from the old one, but I think I’ll get used to it just fine :smile:


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Thanks Marie. Overwhelmed with my very recent Type 1 diagnosis. Looking for helpful information and seems like I may find it here.

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Thank you! Was diagnosed 2.5 years ago and I hate it. It’s been a big behavioral adjustment. I finally realized that what’s going to work best for me but my state insurance won’t cover it and I can’t afford one. Might anyone out there know where I can find a used one? Really need a hand here. Thanks!

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Thanks for the welcome! I have faced the challenges of t1d for 56 years, currently using a tSlim pump, Dexcom G4 while nightscouting! Next week I am doing the lung function test in hopes of trying Afrezza. Another great diabetes adventure may be in the works!

I am a former dietitian who changed careers to become a designer/web developer. I live in Nashville, TN.

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