Welcome to ALL our new members! Thanks Jovanni!

In the past few days we’ve had a very large number of members joining us (almost 100 in the last 24 hours, alone). I want to welcome all of you to the TuDiabetes family!!

In particular, I want to acknowledge a very large group of folks who are joining us from the Philippines. This was the result of an interview with our member Jovanni de Jesus, on Philippino TV where he spoke about the community. Thanks a lot for doing this, Jovanni!!

To all new members, here you will find (you have found it already, most likely) a warm and welcoming group of people who, like you, are touched by diabetes. Please take some time to go through the New Member Guide, where you can learn about the things you can do in TuDiabetes.

I hope you find all the information and support you came looking for.

Thanks, Manny!

I could not have done it without your blessing!

For everyone who joined, welcome!