Welcome to our Newest Members

These are our newest members. Please everyone Welcome them. A welcome reply in this topic would be nice or if you wish you can do as I do and send a personal message, to send a personal message you can click on the “Tags” listed below.

Welcome Everyone



Hi, everyone! Welcome to TuD! Looking forward to seeing you around the forum! Please join in any of the conversations. An easy on to get started is theIntroduce Yourself one.

Welcome everyone! I’m sure you will all enjoy it here, and remember that you should feel free to share anything with us, because no matter how much book and patient experience your doctor has, there will always be things that people like us who have the living with it experience can help with. And sometimes there are things that professionals are simply not allowed to say (for legal reasons), that’s why it’s always good to have places like this. I’ve learned things here that my doctors never told me, yet they have helped me so much I can’t imagine not knowing them. Hopefully you can learn as much as some of us have, and once again, welcome!

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