This week's new members. Please help us Welcome them

Would you like to be part of the Welcoming crew?

Please help us welcome these new members. Welcoming new members is a tradition began in the earliest day of TuDiabetes it was at some point discontinued, we wish to revive that tradition.

Sending a personnel welcoming message to a new member is easy, just click on any of the “Tags” below to go to a new member’s profile page. There you can click “Message” to send a Welcome message to that member. For suggestions on composing a welcome letter click here.

Please Welcome Them

Last updated October 3, 2018



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This is a great list! Welcome all and please remember to say Hi to our new members!


Welcome to all the new members. This website has helped me so much over the years with not feeling alone with dealing with diabetes. Many here helped me learn how to use my insulin pump back in 2008 … without their help … I’d probably have given up on it. #foundmytribe #doc


That’s a long list!!! Welcome, all of you! Take the time to peruse the site.
Ask questions. You are amongst friends who understand where you’re coming from.

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Welcome to a great place to get support! Nancy50

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Newbie here. Please accept me guys. Thanks!



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Thank you so much buddy. Glad to be a part here. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.

WELCOME to our 67 new members!!Welcome%20Home%20Snoopy%203

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This list was last updated on October 3, 2018

Hi Gary,

I cannot take any sort of position at this time because I don’t know how often I will be able to be on the internet.

Thanks for the opportunity though.



Welcome one and all, as we are opening the door to a whole new year!

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Welcome all, please don’t hesitate to ask questions (even off the wall) or to get involved in threads that interest you. Hey we have something to give and something to learn. Again WELCOME