What age did you have a baby

Hey everyone

I have read everywhere mothers who give birth over the age of 25 have a lower risk of passing on T1D ,

My question is did you wait until over 25 to have a baby?

I was born to non diabetic parents so I’m the like 0.3% but I’m scared to pass on the disease,

So thankful to have this community :heartbeat: thanks everyone

You may find this interesting.

I was also born to non-diabetic parents, although my mom was diagnosed T2 later in her 50s, normal weight. No T1 siblings or in extended family, but a few older aunts/uncles with T2. My mom was 34 when she had me. I was diagnosed age 5

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Yeah thanks that article is very interesting

I was 38, but I’m not a woman. I think the risk can come from either parent

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I just noticed this in article…

"The older the parent was when the child was born and the longer the mother breast fed decreases the odds. "

My mother did stop breastfeeding me sooner than siblings, due to having a breast infection. But other articles I’ve read say no relationship.

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There was absolutely no diabetes in my family when I was dx with type 1. I had my son when I was 37 after having diabetes for 29 yrs. He weighed 6 lbs 3 oz. At 33 he is not a diabetic, but is about 40 lbs overweight and headed towards becoming a type 2. He is bipolar and has Tourette Syndrome and is addicted to food. He is a wonderful son though. He was breastfed, but I was a bottle baby.

I had my one and only baby at 38. I’d been diabetic since I was 16 at that point. No diabetes in my family at all and we could go back several generations. What we do have, however, is an autoimmune problem. One of my sisters developed Crohn’s Disease and another Hashimoto’s Disease. My endo told me my son had only 1% percent greater chance of becoming diabetic than the normal population. She said he’d have a greater chance if his father was diabetic. That was the science back in 1995. I suspect it may have changed since new research yields new results all the time. Still, my son is 26 and in great health.

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I’m one of 4 kids. I am the only one with Type 1 diabetes. Or any diabetes for that matter.
I was also the only one who was not breastfed.
Babies get a huge amount of immunity from breast milk.
It’s not a far fetched idea that it could play a role in type1
I don’t think anyone has been able to really pin down though