What Diabetic topics recieve the most conflicting or misinformation?

I am almost scared to ask this question but I would like to know.

Basically, this is a question for all the people that believe there is plenty of wrong or conflicting information about Diabetes. People constantly state there is plethora of misinformation about Diabetes. I specifically would like to know what topics in the realm of Diabetes normally is reported inaccurately or in a confusing manner.


“There are two kinds of diabetes: The kind you get as a kid which is “the bad kind” and means shots and the kind people get who are middle aged and overweight which they just take pills for.”

"The only thing diabetics have to change in their diet is not eat sugar.

Same with type 1! There was an article in a newspaper all about a kid who was on a “diabetic diet” and never eats sugar and that sugar is DEADLY for diabetic! ugh. I hate that too.

I was also surprised to learn that a low fat vegetarian diet reverses diabetes. There are more copies of the Barnard’s reversing diabetes book in my local library than there were copies of Dr. Bernstein’s.

I overheard another person say that you are born with type 1 diabetes (not!).

Type 1 only happens to children (not!)

Don’t eat sugar and your diabetes will be solved (not!)

That obesity causes diabetes (first of all, it CAN CONTRIBUTE, not cause, type 2 diabetes and second of all, it has NOTHING to do with type 1 diabetes).

Yeah, this doesn’t work… if not, there wouldn’t be vegetarians on this site asking people how to control their carbs, cus they are spiking out at meal times…

I’ve actually had doctors talk to me about controlling my sugars better. Which is ok except for the fact they assumed I was a type 2 simply because of my age.

It’s no big deal. Take one shot per day and you’re “normal”
(but the truth is that it’s a chronic condition which is tedious and painful and never exact)

You will have your feet cut off, you can’t have children, you will die by the time you’re 30.
(I had to combat against these claims not only by ignorant, insensitive strangers, but also by doctors)

You can’t eat sugar. Ever.
(sigh. Most every single food that is ingested turns to “sugar” in the body… including fats and some vegetables)

She LOOKS fine… If we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.
(oh god please help me)

Diabetes is diabetes. Get on a tread mill and fix yourself.
(We have had NUMEROUS arguments about this one)

Diabetes can be cured through diet and exercise alone.
(thanks a friggin lot Halle Berry)

They should give Sam, from “The Days of Our Lives,” Type 1 Diabetes… that would be interesting to see, how they’d write that character… If they did it well, I bet a lot of people would learn really quickly… lol They should write type 1 and type 2 characters (accurately) in movies, sitcoms, etc… I mean, it’s indirect learning, but it would go a looooong way for people to even start learning some basics… Even though I can see the danger for misinformation, too… Was just a thought I had, as they give so many tragic diseases to people in soaps, and shows. lol

and all the folks who have to regale you with the horror stories of how their third cousin twice removed on their dad’s side died because of the sugar diabetes in 1947

Yea, I came away from being diagnosed at age 7 with “You have a disease. You will always have this disease. It will kill you within 20 years” - That crap needs to stop. BTW, I’m pretty sure I outlived everyone of the peeps who contributed to that memory

Dietary issues, I think, are the most misunderstood. Almost anything involving type 1 diabetes, most people lump them together with type 2.

Lizmari- Yup! Teaching through entertainment. Because there’s no way in hell people are going to look it up on their own. haha. I teach through fiction books. Slowly it’s getting out there. Though less people read than watch TV these days. :slight_smile:

hahaha. Right on Scott! I live to prove them wrong!

Halle Barry said that?


Any advice given about diabetes technology when the give really does not understand the science or the reporter only presents the headlines.

What i find frustrating is the question “how many carbs you should eat,” the less carbs less trouble method, the correct way to dosage yourself with insulin, the sucky docs and meters

  1. “how many carbs should you eat” is different for everybody!!! Your not going to tell a 16 year old growing boy/girl to cut out carbs are you? Maybe i like food… maybe i need more carbs then you… maybe i need less… Just make sure to eat what’s right for you, whether you want to lose weight or incoporate more fruit or whatever!
    2.“less carbs less trouble” the problem with that… i like food… now what! Food is energy, maybe i need that energy…
  2. “dosage” i know our doctors have there little books that tell them where to start us out at… but all that is subject to change because those little books don’t factor in the daily happenings of LIFE (from stress to insulin sensitivity)
  3. “sucky docs” don’t stick with a doc if you don’t like or understand what he is saying, there are a million where he came from.
  4. “meters” sadly they aren’t a hundred percent accurate, it upsets me to base my life around something that isn’t hundred percent…

That Type 1 represents 10% of all cases of diabetes and that Type 2 represents 90%. Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and (not surprisingly) the American Diabetes Association (ADA) promote this myth! But included in the “90% Type 2s” are all the LADAs and adult-onset Type 1s who are misdiagnosed as Type 2. So Type 1 actually accounts for 20-25% of all cases of diabetes.

  1. The weight issue. I’m (accurately) informed that diabetics (T1) who are under the best control are often slightly overweight because they have a higher risk of lows. Plus the idea that diabetics are that way because of weight can further drive diabetics into diabulemia.

  2. Media/entertainment misconceptions. I remember The Babysitters Club series from when I was a child pretty accurately portrayed T1, we should have more T1 Characters.

I used to watch Lost, and always wondered what would happen if a diabetic was among the survivors. It could have been an interesting plot line.

D can be cured by diet & exercise. All you lazy diabetics start jogging & cure yourselves!

A cure is 5 years away. Magic number is always 5.

People being misdiagnosed for years based on weight/age.

Cinnamon, vinegar, secret herbs & spices, vitamins, a rare plant from Tasmania (available for $65/bottle + s/h) cure diabetes.

T2s don’t need to test often.

Eat according to the insulin, instead of dosing according to what you eat. Can’t believe people are being told that!

Snack all day so you don’t have lows.

Just about anything put out by the ADA:)