What do I want/need? Pump, CGM, Pod?

I really don’t know why the pump catheter gives me the heebie-jeebies. I was “pop goes the needle” when I was first taught in the hospital. Weird. I guess it’s the idea of it’s sticking around in there.

We use the Omnipod and Dexcom.

We started with a Dexcom CGM a year ago, and then got a pump last September. I would highly recommend both products.

I am being woo’ed by MiniMed and Ping.

I checked out Dexcom too. I’m leaning toward the Ping b/c they claim to have an integrated CGM with Dexcom and their own pump coming soon… in 2010! Soonish. I also like the remote function on the PING.

Oh and I ordered my free Omnipod try-out thing.

Going to the docs tomorrow. I will let you know how my A1C goes. (Fingers crossed)

I got a 7.9, down 2 points. The doctor was impressed by my recent numbers and I told him that I’d been covering nighttime highs with Novolog (which isn’t too safe). When I told him I am ready for the pump, he was thrilled. And he likes the Minimed. Done!

Medicare is not covering the Omnipod. I’m not happy. I can’t even get a round number as to my co-pay if they decide that my health is important. hrrumph.

I’m about the same age as you. 2.5 years, LADA. I’m 3 days old on the pump.

What do you do for carbs? Brittleness is often related to carbs. I’ve tried to do the Bernstein way of eating which is very low-carb and I’ve also tried to eat the way my dietician said to (which is to eat all the carbs I want but cover them with insulin). I have to tell you the Bernstein way works awesomely for me but the dietician-recommended way was HORRIBLE. I can’t get good control with a lot of carbs. What I do now is a slightly relaxed Bernstein method, with maybe 20-50 g carbs/day with an occasional, scheduled “cheat”. I feel really good on this diet. If you haven’t read Dr. Richard Bernstein’s book, “The Diabetes Solution” , do check it out.

Best of luck,

I’m actually back on the “don’t eat” Bernstein way. (Mock, mock, ha ha, but you are not a new/old T1, kiddies. The “eat what you want and bolus idea” is definitely thick and really made me terribly sick.) I read all Dr. B’s info when on my “honeymoon.” Novolog “covering” is no substitute for carb restriction. I’ve learned that lesson. Hard. Which pump did you get, Maria? With great sadness, I’ll pulling off my Omnipod test pump today and waiting until it gets approval from Medicare. If the option of tubeless pumping is out there, it is the way to go for me and my lifestyle. (I’M A PERFORMER. I DON’T HAVE A FREE HAND FOR A BLOODY TUBE!) I will not/ can not be tethered to a tube. So I’m drinking my 3 grams of morning carbs. No cheating allowed until tubeless pumping is approved. Dr. Bernstein is blessed by Jesus. Thank you, Dr. B. He cares more than Medicare. Sheesh. I’m freaking crying. I’m so sad.

Maybe the tube pump companies can provide me with a third hand. Now, that would be great art!

The tubes aren’t bloody and you don’t need an extra hand for them. It’s more like a pager that clips to your waistband or bra. I’m a performer as well (a singer) and was never particularly encumbered in my 9 years on a tubed pump.

Hi Maureen,
I’m getting back on Bernstein too and I’m afraid I had a big slip-up yesterday (darn). Well nothing to do but look forward. As to the pump, I have the Minimed 522. It’s the one my endo’s office recommended. I think they’re all good - so it’s not worth stressing over the choice. (Personally I sometimes spazz when I have to decide something so to have someone decide for me is a good thing). I have the quick-set inserter thing and I just changed it for the first time this AM. It went smoothly and was painless. Yes, the tube is a little weird, but I’m used to it already. I bought a bunch of accessories - like a “thigh thing” to put the pump on my leg when I wear dresses, a clip thing that makes the pump hang from anything underneath… and another belt that has a cute little denim pocket for the pump.
Good luck! I hope this all works out great for you.

I know the tubes aren’t bloody:), Melissa. The “bloody” word is a Brit expression that I somehow picked up.

I was just thinking that I should incorporate more singing in my work. Funny that a singer would respond. I, typically, am a “quick-change” solo artist/actress/“performance artist.” I’m laughing because I am using my real name on this site. Don’t tell! I am also a 9-year-deformed dancer/model and I use my “body” as art. Maybe I can learn how to juggle! Get a long tube? I read about that on the “secret” D.sex forum here. maybe I can get a really LONG tube and put the thing on the ground? Is that possible?

I can make a tube dance!

I’m still tinking. (Not a typo. An not-Irish-joke expression I picked up!)

I probably just need a sensor so I don’t kill myself by accident. kidding! I suffer from both nighttime lows and a serious all-morning phenomenon! I really haven’t been eating many carbs at all (meat - ugh!) and have increased my nighttime lantus. My doc suggested this b/4 i mentioned the pump. I may mention that the Doc is all about Minimed b/c it’s the “oldest on the market.” My number are so low, I’m getting a 6 next time. You watch.

Caveat: Um. I was “woken” by lo’s three time already this week. Isn’t 55 a little low? Yesterday my crap meter said 49 and I had to eat sugar. This morning, it said 55 and I felt fine knowing the morning “rush” was coming on. I came and I just tested at… 77! perfecto. I NEVER get a 77. Evah.

I gottta say that the Starvation Diet is not approved by docs but it’s summertime, who needs to eat and it bloody works. (that Brit adjective again - my posh substitute for the ef-f word - part of the NYC potty mouth that we try to avoid…) I’m taking B vitamins in the morning and will have a nice big salad for dinner.

I need to: Explore my options. I have limited funds. I have plenty of possible donors. I have accepted in the past, but donors give in chunks and it’s a long-term monetary commitment which I refuse to beg for constantly. I receive “entitlements” for working my butt off for fifteen years and then becoming disabled. I deserve my “entitlements.” It’s part politics, I confess. I’m gonna get my friends to write a letter to Medicare. “Give Maux her Omnipod!”

Thanks for the inspiring words, Maria. I’m back on Bernstein simply because I finally have got my high numbers under control. It took FOREVER and so much Novolog… I was bolusing up to 50 units of short-acting per day. Let’s be honest. Bernstein equals The Pre-insulin Starvation Diet and in many respects is very Old Skool in that way. I respect Bernstein. My ASSUPMTION about the pump is that I can start eating again and not stress about nightime lows and morning zooms that i have to bolus, bolus, bolus to get under control.