What do you think of an over 90 club of diabetics sharing their secrets

Those of us over 90, who are ROLE MODELS could be a ‘positive example’ to those newly-diagnosed, younger, scared to death because of this ‘killer disease’. By forming an alliance with young people, would go a long way to hve better awareness programs. Maybe an idea of forming small support groups of equal blending of young and old. It would be an experience worth trying. Any suggestions? AMIGO, clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

i think this is a wonderful idea Clarence! how wonderful it is to have someone like you be a part of our family. I think we could all learn from mentors like yourself.

Clarence that is a great ideal as a 37 year vet I still have a ways to go my grandmother lived to the age of 89 and was a 49 year type 2. Her death was not for comp of Diabetes.

What a lovely idea!

I’d also like to know your secret for looking decades younger than 90!

You are my new diabetic superhero, Clarence. :slight_smile: Thank you for reaching out.

What a super idea Clarence,
Whenever I have newly diagnosed diabetic child,I try to arrange a meeting between a grown up diabetic and the parents.I have a family with 4 members with type1 diabetes,they are the best to councel my patients,one in her thirties,married with 4 children.
So your idea as always is great

It’s a fantastic idea, however I’ve got 39 more years before I join the over 90 club…

I hope to sit at your feet and learn your’s and other’s stories and wisdom in living with diabetes. My Maternal grandparents both had diabetes and they lived to a wonderful age of 99 and 97, I look forward to reading and learning more.

Sharing your life will help all of us!!


It is wonderful to see someone your age posting online and I would personally love to see a lot more of it happening.

Do tell us about your experiences because people do need to know that a long and healthful life is possible. Sharing the things you have learned along the way would be so helpful to the rest of us.

This is a great idea. I have one request though: don’t let it become one of those “when I was your age we had to melt snow to boil water to sterilize our needles which we made ourselves out of used kitchenware and were three inches long . . .”

You know what I mean, I think. I know that relatively speaking modern advances have made diabetes care a lot easier for me than it was for someone in their nineties. I don’t really want to know how easy I have it. What I want to know is:

What do you eat? How do you deal with fear and depression? How do you handle the diabetes police? What do you eat at a picnic? What kind of exercise to you get? If you have a complication, how do you care for it?

That kinda stuff.

MelissaBL, Thanks for the kind words but I am only a person that loves life and people and am willing to learn and share my experiences. I have 3 questions that I ask people I talk to. Do you have a doctor who specialize in diabetes?, Do you wear a MEDIC-ALERT bracelet?, Do you have a diabetic buddy, someone that you have contact by phone or person.?. The first thing you put on is a SMILE,that will last ALL DAY.Pay attention to your body, it tells you when to eat, rest, exercise. DR,J.P.JOSLIN of BOSTON,said that the PERSON THAT HAS DIABETES THAT KNOWS THE MOST ABOUT THEIR CONDITION, WILL LIVE THE LONGEST. Keep in touch and check out.www.restorethebantinghomestead.com AMIGO.

Thanks for your support of an old-young alliance for diabetes. In 1939, when I was hired as a porter at CNR, the lesson I was taught is that when you are dealing with the public, there is no such thing as YOUR WAY OR MY WAY, BUT THE RIGHT WAY. How many people do you know that do things the RIGHT WAY… If you want to know something,you go to an older person.Remenber that you cannot teachan old dog new tricks,BUT you have to watch out for the tricks the old dog KNOWS.Also remember that te person with diabetes, who knows most about diabetes, will live the longest., check out;www.restorethebantinghomestead.com Here,in TORONTO, INSULIN was discovered by BANTING & BEST, JULY 30 1921. Keep in touch AMIGO

We are listening… we have too much to learn from you. Thanks for joining the TuDiabetes family and sharing your wisdom with us.

I think this is a great idea!
I LOVE that shirt you are wearing in your picture too…that is great!

This is a great idea and it makes a lot of sense. We will come with a way to make it happen (even more than it is happening right now) Thank you! :slight_smile:

Greetings from the city where INSULIN was discovered by DRS.BANTING & BEST, on JULY 30 1921. If interested in knowing more about this Canadian NOBEL PRIZE winner check out www.restorethebantinghomestead. com In your area see if you can set up small support groups, with even numbers of seniors and youths, it wil be an excellent way of sharing experience and learning… Three important questions to ask those who you approach are, Do you have a diabetic specialist?, Do you wear a MEDIC-ALERT BRACELET?, Do you have a DIABETIC BUDDY?.When forming your group ,make it an odd number of members,this there is no ties in making decisions.Be different in table arrangement, meet in a circle at a round table, this way every member is equal. You will find the main thing is the group is concentrating in doing things the whole group will benefit TOGETHER AS ONE…Remember that the diabetic that knows more about their diabetes WILL live the LONGEST. AMIGO, clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

Hello Jaimie, It looks like

Thanks for a website that discovered by surfing the NET. The possibilities of meeting so many talented, creative people,that can be connected in so many way, artists, different nationalities, opportunities for forming groups, sharing information ,globally, the sky is a limit and as a 91 year,geezer, am having as much fun as a kid with a new toy. M ay yours efforts be richly rewarded because you cannot beat PEOPLE BUSINESS, AMIGO clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

This is a wonderful idea! I love the idea of exchanging experiences, learning from one another and bonding on a different level.

Clarence - I think I love you. mua


I don’t even have diabetes, and am sure I could benefit plenty from reading tips about how to last another 60 years. That’s a great idea. I wonder if any doctors running clinical trials and such could benefit from such a unique control group.

I think its a great idea. I was 53 when I was diagnosed . I thought it was a death sentence.I was and still at times scared to"death". But beyound Diabetes or any other disease ; we need the voice of the elders. We need to draw from the strength of our elders. you are our roots. Only when the pass is conected to thepresent ,will we have a future. Teach us from your wisdom that we might grow!