What does actice insulin mean?

I just had a quick question. What does Active insulin mean on my pump? Because sometimes two hours after I ate I’ll still be a bit high but it doesn’t give any correcton because of the amount of active insulin that is there. I was just hoping someone can explain it to me? THANKS!!!

Thanks for the answer Dave. I hate being high as well :slight_smile: Does it mean that it hasen’t delivered it all or is it because it’s only two hours since my last bolus? I’m guessing the only way you stack boluses is by a manual bolus because the wizard won’t let me.

Thanks for explaining :slight_smile: I thought thats what it meant about active, I guess in that case it just won’t be all the way back down in two hours every time. If there’s more you want to explain go ahead!!

Dave, thanks for explaining this. I knew what IOB was but I didn’t realize exactly how it worked and to watch it when I’m having a snack while I still have a meal bolus OB or for some other reason. I didn’t know anything about how that could make me low but it’s clear now.