What does "LOW" mean on Dexcom G4 download?

I was really surprised when I downloaded my Dexcom G4 this morning. There was a space of approximately 2 hours where the receiver registered "LOW". I have used the previous generation Dexcom and also just got the Gen4 in Nov. 2012.

I tested my bg before going to bed and it was 125 with 0.3 units of insulin on board. I also have a serious hearing impairment so I obviously did not hear the 'alerts'. Does anyone have suggestions about how I can manage this problem?

Low means that your dexcom registered a blood sugar of less than 40 which lasted for 2 hours. Since you are hearing impaired I would suggest either having your profile set to "vibrate" which will only vibrate when you hit your low target or "HypoRepeat" which will not only vibrate but also sound a loud alarm. I have the receiver under my pillow and in most cases the vibration jars me awake or wakes my husband. If I hit 55 or below that it will sound an audible alarm which always wakes me up. Some people have said they put the receiver in a glass on their bedside table or on top of a hard book. I guess this magnifies the alarm or vibration. I have not done it but it was a suggestion I read here.

Thank You so much Clare. I am grateful for your suggestion. I did try it last night and I'm happy to report that it works for me.