What food / snax should I bring?

My family is volunteering at a concert in a major arena. I’m type 2 and am allowed to bring in a soft sided cooler to cover my food and snacks. Will have no access to anything to heat food up. Will be there from about 4 until about 11 pm. I could buy from concessions but way too expensive.

What do you all recommend that’s easy to make for both snacks and at least one meal? It can stay cool if I add ice packs. It will be with me the entire time.

Cold roast chicken and salads or cold vegetables
Frittata with lots of vegetables in it
Ham and cheese rollups and salads
String cheese
Flask of soup.
I hope you will be able to buy hot drinks.

2 go to items for me are always a Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey granola bar as it contains 2 small bars combined = 190 Calories and 29g of carbs + 2 2oz Swedish Fish mini bags as each bag contains 200 Calories and 50g of carbs. The granola bar(s) are great as you can almost make a meal out of 1 and the Swedish fish are good to fine tune blood sugar as each Swedish Fish raises my blood sugar 10 points over a 1 hour period. These take very little space and pack a pretty good Calorie and Carb punch given their size. This has worked for me for short flights, Jury Duty, Concerts, meetings and other events. Some diabetics swear by Skittles as well. This avoids the hassle of a cooler.

Hummus and carrots,small serving of fruit ,like a small apple. Water,you then get a good mix for the 4 hours. Nancy50