What I did to go to sleep. by JB

Nature did show me how to get to sleep. Nature did send to me Petronella, yes an what some would call it an Angel. Sits on my bed at 3 am and talks to me! Gives me advice too. I told Johanna and now she is jalous. Tries to wake up at 3 am like I do but she can’t. HAHA!
I got something new, just got arthritis in my right hand. This will put me to sleep. Yeah!
My friend socalled my Alter Ego, adviced me to go to Home Depot to buy a 2X4 to hit myself with over the head if I can’t sleep. Never did like that friend and you can see why?
Well no, the arthritis needs pain killers and I went on Tylenol-3 with 30 mg of codeine.
Works like a charm! Sleep all night. Miss,my Petronella but Johanna and I are friends again. Next April we will be married 60 years. Never even cheated on her…
Ah, ah is a good boy ah is…
So the lesson is;
Can’t sleep? Get yourself arthritis and go on tylenol-3’s. Simple ain’t it?

It’s me, JB.

LOL, thank you Johnben.

Your humor and codeine will go together perfecto. lol
But if the codeine depresses your dopamine and wipes out your dopamine transporters, your angel Codeine will have lost her wings.
And Jo will be pulling out her hair.
Try booting/minimizing arthritis with an ibuprophen type pill before bed and the arthritis will still be minimized at 3 am. I hope.