What is the deal about Diabetes and Vitamin D deficiency?

Who else is seeing that there is a correlation with these two?

I have it as well… Endo told me it was due to where I live though - common to Ohio in the winter months for my situation (Office worker). Not sure if there’s a greater problem with it - I take a supplemental vitamin to help with it.

I am taking Vit. D3 supplement and I had a bloodtest done earlier this year …I am in the normal range . I was diagnosed with osteoporis close to 3 years ago , after I broke my wrist in 3 places . Possibly a side effect of having diabetes …women both type 1 and type 2 after menopause are at greater risk . The surgeon recommended to take 1000 U.I. daily …am glad I did .I have also observed fewer colds and I bounce back much quicker, if I do get the sniffles .

Click here for a very long discussion about this. There are indeed many of us who were found to have a vitamin D deficiency and treat with vitamin D3.

I was also diagnosed with Osteoporis years ago. With all the studies being done and written about I think some are factual. I remember as a child my Mom, in the winter would sit me on a bench in a room when it was sunny and have me sit there absorbing the sun. I also did not like milk and wouldn’t drink it even when Mom made me.