What is your child's diet plan?

Hello. I have a daughter, Olivia, who is 2 years old and dx on 6/12/2007 (made in one month - yeah!). My question is mainly for parents with toddlers who have diabetes, but others can respond too:) The question is what calorie diet is your child on. Olivia’s diet is based on a 1,300 calorie diet. When I put everything that she is supposed to eat on her plate it is jammed packed with food. This plate of food could make any adult full! It then turns into a battle getting her to eat! I’m going to contact the endo team about this problem. I know she needs the carbs in this diet plan because she is on Humalog and NPH (she gets Lantus @ bedtime). Has anyone else had problems with this issue?

Hi Ronda,

Welcome! My two-year-old daughter, Olivia (!), was diagnosed in February. She is not on a diet plan, per se. Our dietician asked us in the hospital to write down a few days worth of her typical diet and we went from there. I’m sure that it is a huge struggle to try to get your daughter to eat that much food and I can only imagine that it will continue to be so. Maybe you can write down what she eats for a few days and your endo team can work with you on something more realistic. As long as you are offering her healthy foods and including carbs, veggies, and all the other good stuff, I can’t imagine why they would ask you to stuff her full each day.

Good luck!

we really just count calories, so here’s what my son is on (he’s on nph and novolog)
breakfast:45 carbs
9 snack:15
3 pm snack: 15
dinner: 30
8 pm snack: 15

I’ve found that if he doesn’t finish his food, I “make up” for it with milk, this kid loves milk! Sometimes it’s a battle, but I just try to not get stressed about it and keep a lot of choices on hand.

When Griffin was first dx’d at 18 months he got 30g of carbs for each meal and 15g for each snack. We really had more problems with his being hungry after meals than having to force feed him, though that did happen from time to time and is very frustrating! Now he’s 3.5 and on a pump, so his diet is a lot more flexible.

Brenna is on a 1200 calorie plan with 30 carbs for meals and 15 carbs for snacks-- although I don’t count calories – it’s hard enough keeping track of carbs! When she was first diagnosed she was on Lantus at bedtime and NPH & Novolog. We would give her the Novolog or NPH Novo mix after meals. Now that she’s on the pump I don’t worry about getting all 30 or 15 carbs. She usually skips at least one snack per day. When she’s growing though . . . she does not stop eating. It’s hard to keep from over or under compensating.

Have you tried pasta meals when the NPH is most likely to hit? I was surprised at how many carbs ended up spaghetti, sauce, brocolli, and a small apple. That ought to cover lunch and the afternoon snack! Well, at least around here.

Thank you for your replies. I am thinking about more combination foods like (pastas - main and salads, casseroles, etc.) More carbs and less food on her plate especially for lunch when all three insulins are working!! Thanks again. Does anyone have any good receipes they wouldn’t mind sharing?? Maybe I will post another discussion.