What would happen?

I was diagnosed last April (2010) with Diabetes T2 or T1 or 1.5, they dont know and placed on Insulin virtually straight away, since then I have taken the Insulin as required everyday, now what Im wondering is, what would happen if I stopped taking insulin? Would my body be able to cope, would it start producing its own, and enough to keep me going?

Has anyone tried this?

Probably not, but it depends on a lot of things:

  1. What type you are. If you are type 1, then no. If you are type 1.5, then maybe. If you are type 2, then maybe.
  2. What other medication you may be on/go on
  3. What you eat.

What does your medical professional say?

What would happen without insulin is that your BG would get very high, cause damage to your organs & you could go into DKA, a life-threatening condition (if you’re T1 or LADA).

Your 7.5 A1c is an average of 169 & not close to normal with insulin. You’d be in serious trouble without it. Please don’t try this & speak to your doctor about helping you with doses to get your A1c down. If you’re T2 insulin resistant, then you may need oral meds in addition to insulin. You should push your doctor for a correct diagnosis based on C-peptide & GAD anitbody tests.

What do you mean they don’t know? What test did they do?


Type, thats a good question, they dont know, t2, or maybe t1 lol.

Im only on Insulin nothing else medically (humalog, pumping)

I eat a low carb diet.

Medically professionals, havent run it past them, to be honest my Endo sees me once a year and doesnt give me anytime so was just wondering, lol

They ran a GAD65? but the results were lost! and aparently that can only be run once? is that correct?

Im not planning on doing this, just wondering :smiley: I have been in DKA once and would rather not a repeat performance of that, its just what I was thinking, is if I am a T2, maybe? and the insulin I have been taking over the past year has allowed my pancreas to rest, would it be able to cope on its own now?

You really need to find out what Type you are, because this and many other questions (like what’s the best treatment for you!) are pretty unanswerable if you don’t know if you’re Type 1, LADA or Type 2!

Treatment wise isnt a problem, Insulin works, this is all about what if :o\ does the pancreas rest and repair?

Ridiculous that GAD can only be run once, especially since the results were lost. They might mean that your insurance will only cover one GAD test, but you can fight this since your doctor has no results.

Chances are you’re a T1 or LADA since DKA isn’t common with T2. If your pancreas has rested to produce insulin, then you’d have lows constantly with additional injected insulin & an A1c lower than 7.5.

Im in the UK we get the tests free, I was told the GAD would only work the once? guess thats not true then?

I didnt think of it in the way that if my pancreas was working Id get loads of lows, lol Guess Im just sick of taking insulin and being diabetic!

I don’t know who told you the GAD would only work once? And then lost it? Hmmmm. No, there is no reason you can’t take the GAD again as well as a c-peptide which tells you how much insulin you are making.

Hey we all get sick of diabetes. You might want to talk to (or read posts) by some of the long-term diabetics on here to see how they cope with frustration and burn out so they can make it for the long haul. For me, learning about my condition, including my type is part of how I cope. It makes me feel invested in my own treatment, not just something I do because the doctors tell me too. YMMV

Yes, that’s not true. It’s a test like any other & can be done multiple times. Hope your doc will do another, or fight the powers that be for you to have another test done.

I hear you. We’re all sick of it.

Im seeing my consultant on Wednesday, and Im gonna argue my point and demand some tests and answers!

I have done loads of reading, all my knowledge is from teaching myself or paying privately for education (carb counting etc) as I was told there was no money in my area to pay for such things, just kinda feel like its do it yourself or you will get nothing, ho hum!

Its gonna be a fight to the death this coming Wednesday and if I dont get the answers I will demand to be refered to someone else who will give them!

Go for it! It’s critical that you have a proper diagnosis to receive the appropriate treatment. Be interesting to find out who lost your results, the doctor or the lab, not that they’ll tell you.

In the US, people are eligible for diiffernt insurance coverage treatment based on Ti or T2.

Amen to that. When I wanted to figure out why after 15 months of doing fine on oral meds my blood sugars were rising and I needed to go on insulin I was living in a third world country. So I had little hope of good medical advice. Through reading and talking on here I figured out I was highly likely a LADA. In Guatemala you just go to the lab and they will do any test for about $16 - at least ones they had heard about! I got the C-peptide, but they didn’t know about GAD. When I did get into see an endo there I presented her with a list of 5 criteria that made me realize I was type 1 and she just nodded and checked each one off. Kind of prepared me for a life as a “do it yourself” diabetic…lol.

Good luck on your upcoming battle. And I think that is what I would do as well; if you can’t help me somebody else can! Hopefully your degree of knowledge will shame them into action!

The one advantage of our pay for services system here is since they charge such outrageous amounts of money - either to us or our insurance we can get really pushy about the service we expect! I especially love all the great customer service I’m getting with my new pump, especially since it didn’t cost me personally dime one!

See, I feel the UK should have some form of system like America where you have to have insurance! that way everyone will demand a decent service, and it wont be a postcode lottery!

We don’t yet have a system where you have to have (or rather are guarenteed to have) insurance.Many many Americans have no insurance coverage at all. I’d say “we’re working on it”, but the fear of re-starting that political debate stops me!. if some country has a perfect system, I sure don’t know which one it is! Perhaps one of the Scandinavian countries?

We don’t have good healthcare in the US. It’s quite awful. Having insurance doesn’t mean you can demand anything. Imagine an insurance company deciding what treatment someone gets based on what it costs them.

I guess it sounds exactly the same as the UK, its to expensive your not having it. I guess also the UK health service is not free, we do have to pay for it through out taxes :frowning:

I believe DKA is pretty specific to Type 1 or LADA. That may be why your docs have not been doing additional testing. Just my opinion.

My DD was diagnosed in DKA and there were no antibody tests done. The T1 diagnosis was based on her being in DKA, and probably her age (juvenile onset). Her docs didn’t see any need to do any anitbody testing when the physical symptoms were consistent with T1. I don’t think her C Peptide has ever been tested either.

Why do you think you might be a Type 2?

Please don’t stop your insulin – DKA is a very dangerous situation.