What's the best medicine for Diabetics with depression?

I suffer with depression and have tried countless anti-depressants. Recently, I went from Wellbutrin to Prozac and definately do not like it. It makes me feel tired. I didn’t notice feeling this way with Wellbutrin. I just read a post about victoza. Does anyone know exactly what this is and/or how it’s worked. Is it in pill form?
I’d like to know what you feel has worked for you. I go to my doctor soon which is a good thing cuz I’m cutting back on the Prozac and don’t really like how I’m feeling. Thanks for any advice!!

Victoza is a pen form and I am on it for help with appetite and it is supposed to help with blood sugars. It is really for type 2 but my doc said it has been doing great things for type 1. I have an appetite problem and that is why he put me on it. As far as depression meds I have been on almost everything. I don’t think any of them work great. Right now I am on Wellbitrin and cymbalta. I am always tired. I think they can take the edge off in normal situations or with some anxiety but when I am down there is no pill that seems to turn that around. I try to do the best I can with it.

Hope that helps.

I don’t know if this will help - I was on Effexor for a long time (~8yrs?). It worked, but when I tried to get off it because of blood pressure I had ALL KINDS of withdrawal effects. I am now on Lexapro (5-10mg/day), which seems to work pretty well. I don’t notice tiredness from the anti-depressant. I DO get tired when my BG is high, then I can’t get myself to exercise, then my BG is higher, then I’m more tired . . .

It’s a vicious cycle.

– Buffy

I’m on Paxil, and that seems to help…

Been on Tegretol, Prozac and Effexor. Not all at once but individually over some of the last years. None of them did much of anything but empty the wallet. Haven’t been on anything for 9 years. Going to try and get to the doctor shortly and see what they might feel could be something to make a vast improvement. Almost feel it’s no use trying medications but rather it’s going to be inner strength or will power that will have the best chance of helping.

I am not familiar with Victoza, but I am on Wellbutrin which works good for me, but it seems after a while it doesn’t work as well. My family doctor wanted to add another prescription but I declined that, so still dealing with that, but I know I need the Wellbutrin, life is so much more difficult without it. I know it originally took me a few different prescriptions to find the one that worked, and one made the depression the worst it ever was. I know it is trial and error, and it takes time, as you have to give it about a month to either leave your system or enter it. Keep trying, I think I am going to seek a naturopath for other options

I am on Cymbalta. It has helped a lot but i do have days like today when i can feel the depression in my chest sort of.Not sure that will mean anything. I am on a lowerer dose though and expect an increase at my next appointment.

I’m on Cymbalta too and help me a lot. The only problem is that I can’t stop it. If I stop I’m come back with depression.

I used to be on prozac and I cut the dosage way down…like one third of a tablet as it was too sedating. Now I am on thyroid and DHEA and feel alot better (with the metaformin)/Hang in there and don’t be afraid to cut down the dosage…if it’s too numbing it becomes something negative…

I just got prescribed Wellbutrin…I’m a little nervous…never taken anything like this before.

Overall the most thorough with no side effects is diet, exercise and inspiration. I used to be on Wellbutrin and in and out of therapy for years which was helpful but band-aided the problem. Intense and changing up my exercise routines, eating healthy food, avoiding caffeine and yoga has made me feel nearly 100% better. It sounds/looks harder than it is. I work out 4 days a week with weights for about 30 minutes, do about a 90 minute session of yoga twice a week then walk a few hours tied in with avoiding foods with high carbs, sugars, fats and I feel really good. Unless its a chemical thing in your brain which medicine can possibly help, the exercise for me is mandatory and never negotiated. Hope that helps and that you can feel better soon. Also be sure to be taking Vitamin D for the winters with no/little sunlight.

I would not recommend Prozac. But thats personally my opinion. I have a high tolerance to pills, so 150 mgs a day was still a waste of time for me. havent found much that helps. Long walks and time to think are great though :)

I have been suffering from Depression since 2000 and initially it was really terrible with confusion in the mind, restlessness, insomania, suicidal thoughts pangs of hunger , panic feeling morning stress etc. I was put on impramine and amitriptyline for 6 - 8 months before the depression came under control However ferocity reduced considerably but panic feeling morning stress continued for 3-4 years. Drugs were changed frequently and I was adviced to do Meditation for 30 mins in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.
I am presently on Escitalopram 20 mg since 1 year and doing good.
Again I started feeling very drowsy, getting hunger pangs, weakness etc. Blood tests revealed High blood sugar and oral medication with diet restrictions were prescribed on 1-12-2011. Meditation was continued.
Since last 1 week I am feeling great , No weakness, not feeling weak and forking full time

After doing Xanax and Paxil, I finally had enough of the undesirable (no pun intended, but you can get my meaning) side effects and started going without, or only when needed. Just staying busy and avoiding idleness whenever possible helps to keep me out of my danger zones.

I also use writing as a form of therapy to express things I do not feel comfortable talking about. More recently, I am getting more comfortable talking about whats going on inside me, which has been meet with mixed results. I labor on trying to sort everything out and lay to rest the past - through the help of friends. Which for me, is the best medicine: Together we are stronger than each one of us alone, and together we learn more than any one of us of could learn in a life time.

Here, here, Patrick. You nailed it! I've gone through a lot of depression over the years, and I find my deep water workouts and exercising can help a lot. Being out in nature and breathing in the air can do wonders. Pets can also help.

I've been chronically depressed for a few years now. Now that I'm getting counselling and I'm on an anti-depressant that works for me, I've come to realize that medication and counselling may not be the best cure for depression. I think the BEST way to treat depression is by looking at yourself and asking yourself WHY you are depressed. If you do some soul searching, sometimes you can find the answer(s) to what is making you depressed and you can do something about it. Face the truth about diabetes, or face whatever it is that's making you depressed. Through my kidney plant experience, I was mentally exhausted and finally did some soul searching with the help of a counsellor. I soon realized I was sexually abused when I was 10. Now that I'm 45, I'm angry that I went through 35 years, not knowing who I was. But now that I'm dealing with it, I'm slowly getting better. I think the key to overcoming depression is within yourself.

I was on the wellbutrin /cymbalta combo for awhile and the cymbalta made me fell funny, but the other help drastically. I was taken off it because I got pregnant and I was started on Zolaft after I gave birth because of post pardum. I am still on it today. Wish I was still on Wellbutrin because it actually helped with my weight, even though i have found zolaft to work better with my sugars