What's your blood sugar?

when i woke up today i was 182 :frowning: (i think it was because of the stress of the final exam, or was it because of the pizza i ate yesterday for dinner…) I’ll find out soon.
Anyway, now im still 167 although i didn’t feel like eating in the morning and i haven’t eaten anything since breakfast

i took extra units when i was 167, now (two hours and a half later) im 77 and already feeling low… I think i better go eat lunch.

More than two hours after lunch i’m 109
Now im 69…

Waking I was 58, then ate myself some McD’s and now I am 92 bolused for my food and hoping my sugars will stay around there.

164 mg/dl at 4 a.m. (thanks for waking me up, Gus the cat). Corrected with one unit.
66 mg/dl when I woke up
118 mg/dl 2 hours after breakfast

121 this am…was abit high at bed, took correction. Okay with this, at least Im not 21 or 221. Happy :slight_smile:

313 mg/dl

I told you I should open a factory for producing sugar!!

fasting = 99
i’ve been better about taking my lantus at the same
so that has helped!

51mg/dL Crap…tablet time

6 ( x18 ) at 08.00 hours …presently 11.15 hours 21( x18 ) and did another test almost same result …Oh, NO …work to do !!

221 mg/dl

85 at two hours past lunch. I haven’t been exercising so I must have over-counted my lunch carbs. Oh well.


97mg/dL 2 hours after lunch. Awesome.

170 before lunch because my uncle’s annoying wife wouldn’t leave me until i put something in my mouth, GRRRR!!! how i hate that. Anyway i didn’t eat too much for dinner, i hope 2 hours later it’ll be better.

I am feeling so anxious right now and I don’t know why. Every couple of months I get into a “blue funk” and it stinks feeling that way. I take Cymbalta but I’m not sure it’s working right now. Maybe I should eat something like some chocolate…LOL…I’m trying to laugh to keep from screaming!!! ARGGG!!! What’s wrong wtih me!!! I went to workout this morning and took my coffee along wtih me which makes my brain happy…lol…I came home, took my shower and did some weeding out of junk in my garage before beginning to work here in my office…so what’s the problem? I plan to sleep in tomorrow morning…no matter how guilty I feel for not going to the gym. I’ll see if that helps at all. Oh…I woke up to a 177 this morning…that should have indicated to me what my mood would be today!!! ARRRRGGGG!! ! !! !

Don’t worry, we still like you. And sympathize with the frustrations of an out-of-range blood sugar :slight_smile:

Ahmad, what’s our average now? I am too tired to do the math …

111 and counting…

105 MG/DL